Monday, March 11, 2013

Pokemon Nail Art Challenge: Ground

So once again this post is late.. which is ironic because I started my manicure almost a week ago but just now finished it yesterday :P

This week my manicure was inspired by last week's manicure! Actually, I was being sort of lazy and so I just cleaned off the top most layers of my old manicure with polish remover, the applied 1 coat of Kleancolor Holo Yellow and wallah! Fixed!

This week we're doing Ground types, and I chose Sandshrew.

Btw- did you know Sandshrew's cousin exists in real life?Introducing the pangolin! See, I'm learning a bunch from this challenge :)

Anyway, here's my manicure!

I used black nail tape and it was a royal pain in the ass! First of all, the tape looked black in regular light, as I was using it though it looked brown and finally it looked grey when finished. The tape would not stick to my nails at all! I'm thinking maybe it's old and is losing some of it's stickiness. So it took me about an hour or so to tape off all of my nails. A clear layer of the tape started peeling off on all of the nails the day after or so, as well. You can see here it looks rather faded.

I wanted my Sandshrew nails to look more like sand, so of course I used Holo Yellow as a base, but then I also used Julep's matte base coat to dull them down. For my accent nail, I used Zoya Storm as a base and I matted it. Then several days later I *finally* got around to drawing on my sandshrews using: Milani Chocolate Sprinkles, Holo Yellow, Kiss Nail art in black, Sally Hansen White Tip and a generic polish for the light colors on his face. I did matte the Sandshrew nails as well, but then decided we liked them better glossy.

Off subject but now I finally know how I can wear brown without totally hating it - I just have to pair it with black! :)

 I had to take a picture with our Sandshrew, of course! Mike actually found this toy in our apartment when we moved in here :)

For my shiny nail, I used Viva La Diva number 220 as the base color and this one is a fail. I didn't realize until I looked at the picture but it looks like a cat! Oops :P

So that's it for my sandshrew nails.. I really love my normal one, and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Make sure to check out the other awesome bloggers in this challenge! Rachael had a similar idea this week :)


  1. ERMAHGERDWTFBBQ pangolin!!! That's so cool! I learned something too =D Your nails are fantastic and the matte looks awesome! Plus that little guy crawling out of the dark - squee!

    I am so behind xD Sandshrew's got a lot of love, I wonder who I'll be feeling when the time comes...

  2. yay sandshrew! and i like your matte idea, your nails do look like sand! x