I am a homemaker. My husband Mike and I have been together since October 2000. I have epilepsy and a headache disorder, which you can read more about in my headache blog. I have brain injury due to years of uncontrolled seizures. I'll be the first to admit my manicures are sometimes quite messy because of this. I'm not a professional (although I'd like to be!) but I do try my best.

Aside from my blog and my obsession with nail polish, I enjoy a fitness program called T-tapp,  cooking and crafts. I'm pretty much always in the middle of one craft or another (or ten!) I also enjoy Zumba, Tai Chi, yoga and going for walks. I'm pretty big on health and fitness, having considered becoming a personal trainer at one time. I'm still experimenting with makeup and clothes but I am very interested in fashion - just not the industry! I like to do my own thing so I don't follow actual trends much.

I follow a lot of blogs because I enjoy reading and learning from my fellow bloggers, and I hope I can teach you something as well.

Thanks for reading!

If you make Indie nail polish, I would love to write a review for you! I promise to be brutally honest at all times :)

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