Wednesday, March 20, 2013

My birthday part 2

I didn't really do anything too special for my birthday.. Mike and I walked down to Lake Michigan, and it was the first time I had been out of the house aside from going to the store and whatnot in about 6 months! I definitely needed out. It was good to get out, and looking at the lake frozen over was pretty cool. Sorry, I didn't think to bring my camera :P

We just had leftovers for supper, and then made lasagna for supper the next day, but check out the dessert I made:

I found this recipe last month and just had to try it for my birthday. It's an Oreo ice cream cake and it does taste a lot like the ice cream cakes you get from the store. I made mine a little healthier, I used a different brand other than Oreos so I'm *hoping* it was healthier but I made the whipped topping myself. Mine is a bit messy looking because I put the lid on my bowl and it froze to the top so I had to wipe everything off the lid and put it back on the dessert. Someday I'll learn not to be so messy! Maybe :P

My family pretty much just got me gift cards this year so no pretties to show you.. but I do hope to pick some up at Walmart whenever I get out there.

Mike's sister & her husband bought me a couple of nice surprises though!

 We got our niece a bunch of Perler beads for Christmas, so they gave me one of her creations.
 They also gave me this water bottle filled with Simple Pleasures body scrub, wash and lotion in Cherry Vanilla. Amanda and I were commenting on how strange it is that everything is sold in water bottles now.. but I guess it reduces packaging waste? At least in theory.

They also gave me this really beautiful sweater! I love it, but sorry I'm not modelling it for you :P

My last gift was a head massager. Haven't used it much but I'm hoping it might help a little bit?

I'll have more to show you once I'm able to get out and spend some of my gift cards.. but I was able to pre-order the new book from Terry Goodkind, so that I'm really excited about!


  1. Happy Birthday Melanie, with some delay :) You've received some lovely gifts :)