Saturday, March 2, 2013

Beauty for Real Lip Gloss Prize

Last month I was a runner up in in Luminous Lacquer's Turns One Giveaway
and my prize was a Beauty for Real lip gloss in the shade Kiss Me. I've mentioned before, next to my love of nail polish is my love for lip gloss so of course I was really excited.

(Sorry for the wonky picture.)

This lip gloss is so cool! On the side as you can see in the picture is a built in mirror which will come in handy.. I immediately put this in my purse to use as my go to lip gloss when I'm out and about simply because of the mirror! That's not it though.

This is the end of the lip gloss cap. See that little black circle? That's a button.

It lights up! So cool!

Here's how it looks on my hand.. sorry I couldn't crop it to get a better close up.

I also received a discount coupon with my prize so I was really excited for a minute. I'm not familiar with Beauty for Real, so I checked out their Web site. The little lip gloss cost $22! Yikes! So sadly I won't be buying anything from them.

Thanks to Luminous Lacquer and Justina's Gems for my prize!

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