Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Winter Polishes Part 6

I've seen so many new collections come up within the past 24 hours that I decided to just go ahead and write another Winter Polishes post this week :) I'm seeing a lot of  new posts for the China Glazes polishes, also.. wish seems weird that everyone else is just now seeing them. I have a coupon for Sally's starting in November and hopefully I can get some of those to share with you all! Anyway, here are the newest collections I've seen. Speaking of the China Glazes, Of Life and Lacquer swatched a couple of them for us :)

Beauty Junkies Unite covered the new MAC polishes, the Glamour Daze Collection. Amber posted a bunch of swatches of these, so definitely check them out. The pink polish, Girl Trouble, is my favorite.

Sonnetarium just debuted their Winter polishes.. I really like all of these! Peppermint Kiss is my favorite, but the others all look so pretty as well. I haven't tried this brand yet, hope to get a chance to sometime. :)

Makeup Your Face shared their Winter polishes with us today, also. They're having a contest right now to win these, also. Ends Thursday. I really like the gold and white glitter, and also the red and white glitter.

Next up I have to show you Glitz in a Bottle's polishes. These look amazing! So pretty!
I want all of the blues! Especially that last one, I love silver and blue together and this is the perfect time of year for it. So pretty :)

Look at that first red and green glitter, also. It looks like there's pieces of some kind of nail art in there.. it looks like maybe holly? I can't quite tell but it looks neat! I would like to see some reviews of this, to see how it holds up.

I was reading through my emails and found one more collection: the Orly Naughty or Nice collection for this year. The Polish Jinx share these on her blog awhile ago.
 While I'm sharing Orly, I found their 2010 colors, also!

... and then I remembered I had a couple of emails marked to share with you so here are a few more :D

Here are the new colors from CND Shellac.
These little babies are expensive! almost $19 a piece and I don't see anything really special about them, although I do like the dark colors. But I wanted to share them with you regardless :)

Speaking of expensive... Chanel is now selling their limited edition Winter colors. There are two polishes, are pretty dark red and a rosey pink. I do like the looks of Malice, the dark red polish, but not for $26!

(pssst: here's a preview of the new Cult Nails collection and here's some swatches of the Darling Diva collection)

last edit for me today, I swear! Beauty Crazed swatched the new Essies!

I'm really excited to see so many pretty collections from the Indies. I hope to be able to show you many more soon! Do you have a favorite so far?