Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Naturals & Pastels Ombre Nails

About 3 weeks ago I decided to do a simple swatching of some of my polishes, basically just to have something on my nails. I had thought about giving my niece some of my generic polishes so I decided to swatch those. Half way through I decided I'd just go ahead and swatch all of my pastel or natural tone colors AKA some of my Sally Hansen polishes. Here's what I used.

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Diamond and Lavender Pearl and Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Lavender Marquis, Platinum and Champagne Toast.

I'll start with the generics but before I do, let me show you the first picture.
Doesn't my hand just look ever so lovely? NOT. This is the result of the last manicure using Essie Plumberry. Oh Essie, not a very good first impression!! Not at all! Fortunately Shine of the Times makes up for this little disaster :b

Well, I've said it before, but these polishes aren't very nice. I don't like most of the colors, either. I definitely need a dupe for the ring finger polish. I was really surprised I liked it so much, actually, since I don't like nudes, but this one is a nice tan shimmer and I guess it just happens to be the right color for me. The color on my thumb is listed simply as ceramic and it was almost a matte polish. I didn't think I'd like it either since I hate peach but after I updated this manicure I discovered it was actually a pretty cool effect... it looked like my nail was the same color as my skin basically. Let me show you some more pictures.

I did some taping and then painted over these with Sinful Colors Secret Admirer. Yes, that's how much I hate nudes.

I was basically just playing around here... sorry about the mess! Obviously this is before cleanup. Finally my manicure was starting to chip, so I updated it again with some OPI Black Shatter.

So that's my boring ole' left hand. My right hand was the one with all of the sparkle and shine. I just love the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength and Nail Prisms polishes and I'm so happy that I still have mine! If you're going to try to get one of these babies, make it Nail Prisms Diamond. Yes, make certain its the Nail Prisms. I also have Diamond Strength Diamonds and because the names are so close, I used to get them mixed up a lot before I learned about the different types of polishes. They are nothing alike! Anyway, NP Diamond is just gorgeous!!!

Here's a close up of Diamond!

I then topped these off with a coat of Shine of the Times which really didn't do much except give it a little bit more sparkle. It was pretty gorgeous!

Here's the last update of this manicure with OPI Black Shatter.

I was really hoping it would crack nicely over Diamond and of course it didn't :b Oh well!

My next manicure post will finally be a Halloween manicure, yay!! Thanks for reading!

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