Friday, October 19, 2012

short notice

I just want to briefly mention that between dealing with my permanent headache and bronchitis I'm pretty well wiped out. I'm still a bit behind on a few things.. I was hoping to get to do a review for you all this week and share my Halloween manicure with you, but I'm just exhausted. I will absolutely post it next week, as well as another not polish related review and giveaway. I'll probably be taking the next 2 days off from the blog & mostly Facebook but I'm going to spend some time finally getting caught up on my blog reading. I feel like I should apologize to everyone because I am really behind in my blog readings.

Thanks for reading :)

edit:  I'm sick and home by myself for a change on the weekend, so nothing much to do. So yes, I'm working on the blog again :b I'm a workaholic to some degree, what can I say?

1 comment:

  1. Dont worry too much about the blog or post. Health is more important. Hope you feel better soon~!!