Friday, October 12, 2012

Sally Hansen Warm Vs. Cold Part 2

Yesterday I showed you the warm colors from my Sally Hansen HD polishes so today I'm going to share the cool colors with you! I also have my Fantasy Fire franken dupe to share with you, this time over white... but unfortunately in my bronchitis feverish mind right now I can't for the life of me remember which white I used. Oops. Sorry about that!

Today I can do one better than pictures... I have a video for you, too! This is my first attempt with a video so I hope it goes well. I was watching Legend of the Seeker so you can hear it in the background. My lighting was being goofy on my right hand, so unfortunately I didn't get good footage of that but you can see my left hand pretty well!

So, I am wearing 3 layers each of:
Sally Hansen HD:
13 Resolution
14 Spectrum
15 DVD
16 Laser
and of course my Fantasy Fire dupe franken over some white on the accent nail.

I just prefer purples and blues more than I do the warmer colors in general, so I have a few favorites here. I was really disappointed with DVD when I first swatched it because it is so sheer. Then I added a few more layers and I was just like - WOW! DVD is definitely one of my favorites among this collection. I specifically remember going to the grocery store one day and I kept looking down at my nails because the shine and glitter was really reflecting in the bright store lights. Gorgeous, gorgeous colors. I think Resolution is my perfect metallic green.. actually, let me just say I love all of these colors. Although I've had a few disappointments, and I do wish the warmer colors were more vivid... I now must figure out how to get the other 8 polishes in the HD collection. Or at least one or two more ;)

Apparently my brain is a little more frazzled than I realized, so I'm going to keep this short. Bring on the pictures! You can definitely see more of the fire in some of these pictures. My FF dupe looked awesome over both white and black, but I think it captured better on photo with the white.

 Once again, I had updated this manicure with a coat of Essie's Shine of the Times. In these colors, it reminds me of Easter eggs. I'm definitely going to have to remember this manicure next Easter and do something similar then :)

Questions? Comments? I'd love your feedback! Thanks for reading.

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  1. You should definitely try layering them! Although they look pretty great on their own I personally don't have the patience for all of the layers to be opaque so I'll put a solid matching color underneath, it really helps!