Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review: Halloween with KKCenterHK

Last month I received an email from PR at KKCenterHK wanting to know if I would be interested in doing a review! Several other bloggers at that time also mentioned they were contacted, so I decided to go for it. I figured I'd receive the items just in time to do a Halloween manicure, and I was right!

I selected item number N.NAIL-WDHHK099 to review. This is a set of water decals: witches, pumpkin faces, black cats and the text "Happy Halloween." You get 20 decals for $6.39. This is my first time using decals, but that price seems high to me. I could very well be wrong, but I'm not sure I would pay that much.

I had 2 problems with these decals: first of all, they did not come with instructions! That seems pretty basic to me. So, KKCenterHK, please add some instructions to your products.

As I said, I've never worked with water decals and because there were no instructions, I had to google how to apply them. Yes, it should seem pretty obvious but I wasn't really sure how they were supposed to be applied, how to get them off of the paper, etc. One of the first things I read was that you should not use quick dry top coat with some decals because the solvent in some of the quick dry top coats can damage the decals. I asked a few of my fellow nail bloggers, and they all agreed that quick dry top coat works fine, they never had any issues, etc. 

This is why you need instructions with a product.

Since I'm new at this, and I really wanted to test the decals out, I went ahead and did a couple of test runs with my different top coats.

First up was Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat, which pretty much ate the decals. 
Next I tried OPI RapiDry Top Coat, which worked OK but it also damaged the decals slightly.

Next I decided to give up on the fast drying top coats, so I picked up my Ulta top coat. It worked really well for the most part. I did have to be a little bit careful because even thick heavy coats of the Ulta damaged the decals a little bit. After this point, I ended up using a thin layer of Ulta over all of the decals, and then I applied some Seche Vite to hurry up the dry time. This worked perfectly, no further problems.

Once I got the top coat process figured out, it was smooth sailing. I had no further problems, and my second manicure was a breeze. These were a lot of fun, and I'm definitely looking forward to using decals again! I may consider buying some more soon, just for Christmas. They are based in Hong Kong, so if you're going to buy from them please remember the extra shipping time. It may take a few weeks.

So, I did two manicures with the decals. Let me show you the first one. I will go into more detail about these in another post. Right now I just want to highlight the decals.

Can you see my pinky finger how messy the face looks? That's the result of the fast drying top coat.

My right hand turned out a little nicer.


Here is my second manicure!

I will have the specifics on the polishes I used, as well as more photos in another post, so please check back again :)

Also, I'm supposed to have a custom discount code for you all for 10% off your order but it doesn't seem to be live yet so I will let you know what the code is when it's working. Thanks for reading and as always please let me know if you have any questions or comments!  

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Disclaimer: These items were provided in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


  1. These are lovely such a shame seche tried to eat them! I used some from ebay with seche and they turned out brill!

    Jazz x

    1. I think maybe because these were water decals? I have some regular decals I'll have to try sometime and see what happens.

  2. Never into decals... haha I still like playing with polish hehe but those looked really cool