Monday, October 1, 2012

My Polishes: Part 4: September Haul

Finally, here we are at part 4 so I can share my newest polishes with you. The first prizes are from Sabina Supernova's giveaway which I won in August, but they shipped from Austria so it took a few weeks.

I got a bunch of prizes, including some jewelry and a surprise box. Unfortunately, the necklace arrived broken but I should be able to fix it :)

Here's what was inside the box! This was perfect timing because my niece had her 5th birthday in September so I gave these to her as a present :) I also bought her a couple of Sinful Colors polishes.. which was pretty much my only polish purchase for September, gift card and credits aside.

 I won my first BarryM polishes, and my first Kiss Nail Art polish. I got Bright Purple and Racing Green in BarryM, and Kiss Black. I also got an Alessandia nail file.

My big prize winning of the month was from Polish Etc.'s 100 Follower Giveaway! Actually, this was from August but I didn't get the prizes until September. I got 8 of the Sally Hansen HD polishes: Byte, LCD, Wavelength, Hue, Resolution, Spectrum, DVD and Laser. I did swatch these a couple of weeks ago... the day before I started my hiatus, actually. So I will get to share these with you soon, I just need to get a chance to type it up :)

She also sent me a franken dupe of Fantasy Fire which I totally forgot to photograph here but that's OK.. I'll share it with you all soon enough.

I did a review of Monster Mixers and Elixirs Chromasphere and Red Planet.

I won Deuce Beauties Black Cat Lacquer Giveaway and got Peacocky.

 I won 3 full size and 4 minis of choice from WingDustCollections.

 Love, Love Me Do!, Grape Crush, which I think is going to be my favorite, and Fly Me to the Moon
Mongu at Midnight, He's Just Not that Mint-to You (wish I would have gotten this in full size instead of mini), Save a Life, Crocodile Farm (again, almost wish I had gotten this as a full size)

I won 1st place in Adventures and Mishaps in the Land of Nail Polish's 4th Indie Giveaway, winning me 2 polishes from Alter Ego: Penny Pincher and Beachcomber.

 The week after that I won 2nd place in Adventures and Mishaps in the Land of Nail Polish's 5th Indie Giveaway, and I won 2 polishes from Candy Lacquer: Hard Candy and Sugar Rush.

Last for my freebies, I got Essie Miss Fancy Pants from Klout. I was really excited to finally get a free Essie from Klout, but then I looked at the colors and I just *knew* I was going to get Miss Fancy Pants... and I was right. I hate beige! So, I'm probably going to end up trying to sell this one or something.

 Lastly are my two purchases for this month: both from Copious. I had $20 credit, thanks to a seller who sold me an item and then turned around and said she didn't have the item. So I got Kleancolor Jingle Splash minis and OPI Swiss Irre-Swiss-Ables minis. 10 new mini polishes for $2.98 total.

The Swiss minis I had to get. My great grandmother was pure blood Swiss, first generation American. The Jingle Splash minis I've been wanting for awhile, because Christmas is my favorite holiday and I'll actually be doing another blog post about that here shortly. 

So that's that for my new polishes, which puts me at 158 polishes... BUT I pretty much used up all of my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Top Coat, so it's really 157. Now how on earth did I go from 45 to 158 polishes in 6 months? I know my boyfriend would request I figure out how much money I've spent on polishes... and how much these are all worth but phooeys on that :b

OK so it averages out to about $15 a month which means I've been spending way too much.... so no more buying until Christmas which is the month after next! At least no more buying unless I have Copious credit or something :)

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