Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Life Today

I'm finally starting to feel a little bit better. Still coughing quite a bit and my chest still hurts, and my energy levels are still pretty low, but I'm slowly getting better. Mostly I've just been going stir crazy sitting in this house not being able to get out and do anything. It's a good reminder that Winter is on its way and I'll be out of the house even less.. unless it snows a bunch, then I'll be outside more! Speaking of snow, our ten day forecast yesterday was calling for snow but now that's changed already. I'm pretty sure we're going to get some snow before Halloween.. or at least before Thanksgiving. Although looking at the forecast, it looks like we're finally having our Indian Summer this week (side note: I've mentioned before, I'm 1/8th Swiss? The Swiss love to talk about weather apparently, and you may notice that's one trait I've picked up from my great grandmother.)

On to the topic of nail polish: Walgreens has Sinful Colors on sale for 99 cents this week! I'm bummed because I'm sure I won't be getting out to my local store and so far the sale isn't online so I'm going to keep checking back.. although it looks like they pretty much offer only the same few colors online.

This week has been pretty lucky for me; I won 1 giveaway last Sunday, and I've won 3 more since then!

Last Monday I won 5th place in Beauty Shoes Nails Fun Cheeky giveaway so I should be getting some Cheeky nail foils to try out! Thursday I won 2nd place in Enchanted Nail and Fluffy Dog Tails giveaway. I'm not sure which prize I won, but either way I'm getting a new brand to try out so that's pretty cool! Then today, I was looking through the newspaper and I saw that our grocery store has a really good sale this week and I got really excited. My boyfriend commented "what, did you win another giveaway?" No. Then I checked my email, and YES I did win another giveaway! :D I won 6th place in Wishes of a Blue-Eyed Girl's Halloween is the Bestest Holiday Giveaway. Yay, I'm finally getting a couple of the Fantasy Makers polishes! I've looked around a little bit at the stores I've been to, the few times I have been out and I haven't seen these at all (they were finally advertised in my Walgreens ad today of course!)


So apparently my luck is making up for the few weeks in which I didn't win anything. I'm really excited to get all of these prizes, thank you all!

Now here's the not so lucky news, I contacted Zoya hoping I could do a review for them. I have no idea what their requirements are but they said they're not taking applications until November. So I've gotta wait at least a few more weeks and then try again :(  So in the meantime, if I see one more review for Ornate, I'm going to scream.. and I will. Really wish I could afford it! Ah well.

Speaking of Zoya, I got my prizes from Once Upon a Polish this past week! She even snuck in a couple of bonus prizes because she felt bad for delaying getting my prize out to me. How sweet of her, huh?
So in addition to 3 new Zoyas, I got my first Maybelline Color Show & Sally Hansen Lustre Shine polishes! These two are limited editions! She gave me Downtown Brown and Lava. You can't really tell from the picture but Downtown Brown has a really pretty blueish green dual shine to it. I do have a couple of polishes similar to Lava but I tested it, and it's definitely not a dupe - yay! I plan to swatch Zoya Katherine and Sally Hansen Lava in the next few weeks, so watch for those soon.

One more update this week and for once it's a sample, how'd that happen? We were just getting to sleep the other day when someone knocked on the door. I thought it might be a package but I wasn't expecting anything. Sure enough it was (I got the shampoo samples the next day.)
 This box weighs like 5 pounds! now that's a sample!

I got three juice like boxes of Vita Coco coconut water: original, pineapple, and peach and mango flavors. We've never had coconut water before, so I was really looking forward to trying these. It was interesting. Coconut water has a very unique flavor. I really didn't mind it. My boyfriend, on the other hand... well, let's just say I'll be hearing horror stories about how "awful" it was for the next few years. It was a laugh for me, but he really did not enjoy it. I talked to my mom yesterday and she doesn't care for it either. I've just tried the original flavor so far, and while it wasn't anything great, it definitely has a unique flavor. I guess it's one of those things you either like or don't. I'm going to try the peach and mango next. I'm not a fan of mango, so that one could go either way. Each sample is a full serving - 11.1 fluid ounce.

Here's a glance at what's coming up on the blog this week:
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Cook'n cooking software sponsored review and giveaway

then when I get a chance:
more giveaways
more Winter polishes
I *finally* got back to working on my blog awards post so that should be coming up soon!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. haha i picked up those RIP nail polishes a few weeks ago! i got such a kick out of them!