Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Life Today

.... is really boring! No pictures this week? Wow. I'm still fighting this bronchitis and with the addition of it raining for about 2 days straight here, I've been feeling pretty crummy. I haven't been doing much at all lately, just sitting around playing video games for the most part. Sucks. There's plenty I want to do but even my knitting I tried earlier today and that lasted all of 5 seconds. Hope I feel better soon so I can get back to doing what I want and need to do!

There are a few updates I have to make today, just nothing in pictures:

My dad got remarried last Thursday! So in addition to a step mother, I now have a step sister & two step brothers. It's weird because I haven't met any of them. My dad met his wife shortly after I moved to Wisconsin and since they recently bought a house, got married, etc. and we're saving up for a house, etc. we haven't been able to visit at all. So it's kind of weird.

My big nail polish news is I'm getting the chance to review Tip Top Nails South Africa!!! Let's just say I'm really excited :) If you're a review blogger, you can fill out their contact form on their Web page and let them know you do reviews. I heard back from Joan (aka Tip Top) within just a few hours.

After almost 3 weeks of winning nothing, I finally won another giveaway, yay! I'm really excited to have won Horses of Ares' Nail essentials giveaway :) I've only used my Seche Vite a little bit so far but so far I'm impressed! I can't wait to try out the other products, also! edit: another important life lesson: when entering a giveaway, make sure you read all of the details! :D

Here's what's coming up on the blog this week or so:
- still getting caught up on my manicure posts: I have 3+ more manicures to show you, plus whatever I do this week
- blog award post
- 2 reviews
- more giveaways of course!

I do have a sort of funny story & life lesson to share with you: never leave food on the floor when you have a mouse in your house! This sounds obvious, but for whatever reason we didn't think about the fact we have a mouse when we left our bag of peanuts sitting in our computer room. We woke up this morning and I was looking at the peanuts like, why are there peanut shells all over the place? I finally figured out it was the mouse but as I was asking my boyfriend about it and picking up the shells to throw away, little old mouse darted from right next to me, out our hall way into the living room past my boyfriend and then past him again into the kitchen. Not sure if he's getting brave or just got trapped but he sure was fast!

So overall, some cool stuff going on here this week but kinda boring. Hope to feel better soon! Thanks for reading :)

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