Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tip Top Nails Review

For the past few weeks I've been trying out a few products which were provided to me by Tip Top Nails in exchange for an honest review. I've shown you these products each week as I've tried them out, but I also wanted to give you an overall opinion of this brand and not just the individual polishes. If you're not familiar with Tip Top Nails, they are a nail polish company exclusive to South Africa. For those of us who don't have normal access to their products, I do recommend liking their Facebook page. They share a ton of good tips and information about nail care in general, more than any other nail polish brand I have seen.

Here's a look at well, my looks :)

... and U Crack Me Up gold shatter (Smashed?)

Night Rider, Cha Cha Cha and Get Reddy

Overall, the colors are beautiful, and I was very happy with the colors, and the formulas. Each of these applied smoothly, easily, and some applied well with just one coat. Iceburg is my new favorite crackle/shatter, and I honestly wasn't sure I would like a white shatter until I tried it. Get Reddy and Night Rider are my two favorites of the remaining colors. I wish I had other glitters to test out, but Purple Haze is pretty gorgeous.

As far as wear and tear goes, I was a bit disappointed. In general, these polishes did not last more than a day or two before they would start to chip. That's better than some drugstore brands, but not quite as good as I expected.

Now I hate to give a negative review, but I noticed almost immediately after I started wearing the Toughen Up Base Coat, my nails began to chip and break. I tried this out for a few weeks, and my nails kept breaking more than usual. I switched back to my usual Sally Hansen Hardener base coat, and my nails have not been breaking quite as much.  So unfortunately, I can't really recommend this product.

That leaves the Toughen Up Top Coat. To be perfectly honest, I barely used it. I live about 3 miles from Lake Michigan, so most days the humidity is near 100%, which makes regular top coats almost impossible to use. I might try this further next Summer when the weather isn't quite as cold and hopefully not as humid.

So, as you can see, I'm rather mixed on how I feel about the Tip Top Nails products I received.

Any thoughts, comments or questions would be appreciated. 

Thanks to Joan at Tip Top Nails for providing me with these items to try.


  1. Now I actually had the opposite feeling about these. I loved the polishes and it seemed they lasted longer than usual. I have to re-test though because I wore them during my housekeeping job and nothing stayed on for 8 hours of cleaning with water lol. My nails do seem to be breaking more though, I wonder if that's the problem? I've been using that base coat for a few months now. Hmmm. Thanks for the review :)

    1. that's weird. I wonder why yours lasted so much longer while mine didn't, especially with all of that cleaning. Strange.

  2. It's good that you wrote a genuine review. With all the praise out there, I sometimes wonder how much of it is real. Good to know that there's one place I can come for an honest opinion ;-)

  3. Great nail designs! Love it especially the iceburg and purple haze. I love purples that is why these two nail colors have caught my attention. Hope there is a tutorial on these nails.