Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas manicure Part 1

So as you can tell, our computers are up and functioning again! I'm working on my Christmas manicure tonight and so I thought I would give you a sneak peak at what I'm wearing, and while I was at it I decided to go ahead and update the blog layout. Better late than never, right? I probably won't be blogging much this next week or so as I spend time with family, but I did want to share a few pictures with you.

Today I'm wearing two coats of Model's Own Red Alert, three coats of Barielle Elle's Spell, two coats of China Glaze Pure Joy and three coats of Above the Curve Oh, the Who-manity and finally three coats of Barielle Elle's Spell again.

(please ignore the ugly bandaid, I have a boo boo :P)

I also have a short video to share with you... and there is a story behind this. Months ago my boyfriend suggested that when I put up our Charlie Brown Christmas tree, I put all of my polishes under it. We don't have much room for a real tree in our apartment so a few years ago my dad bought us the Charlie Brown tree to make sure we had a tree. Anyway, Santa Mouse was always my favorite Christmas story when I was little and a few years ago my sister bought me the Santa Mouse you see in the blog header. I thought I would play him for you ;)


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