Monday, November 26, 2012

My Life Today: Pardon Me While I Rant.... Plus Pictures!

Hi guys, I hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I am one of those people who don't much enjoy holidays, at least not these days. I'm pretty notorious for being in a ton of pain on holidays, but despite my solid wall of pain, I was usually able to enjoy the holidays when I was living back home. Now that my boyfriend and I live together, 600+ miles from my family, the holidays pretty much just depress me. I think it's partly cabin fever, and SAD but it really is mostly that the holidays just remind me of what I'm missing out on in life. Seeing all of those awesome Black Friday deals wasn't helping either, and I finally caved in and bought my first Above the Curve polish. So anyway, I'm kind of happy this Thanksgiving weekend is finally over.

All last week I was in a bad mood and for whatever reason, I was especially angry about all of the stores being open on Thanksgiving. As I was sitting all alone in my house during the last hours of Thanksgiving, it finally dawned on me why I was so angry; yes, I think it's crap that these places stay open on Thanksgiving and so the employees have to work, and then don't have as much time to spend with their families. But you know what? What about the families of the people who GO shopping on Thanksgiving? That's less time we have to spend with our families, just because someone wants to save a few extra bucks. I know. Mike, his sister and her husband all went people watching on Thanksgiving, and while they weren't actually shopping for anything, I refused to go because I didn't want to have anything to do with the stores being open on Thanksgiving. Thus I was left home alone feeling angry all over again. Great way to spend Thanksgiving. So yes, I'm angry at the stores for being open on Thanksgiving, but ya know what? Sometimes my own principles are just a royal pain in the ass and cause me nothing but pain and frustration.

So that was how I spent the last few hours of my Thanksgiving evening, being angry and frustrated and lonely, and of course depressed. Eventually Mike & his family came back to our house, and they even brought their daughter with them, so we eventually had a good time, even though like I said... solid wall of pain the entire time. So, I suppose that was my own fault for handling the situation as I did.. you live and learn I suppose.

But hey, I'm *finally* getting a new Christmas Indie polish from a friend whose polish I've been wanting to try out for a long time, yippee! :D

Now that THAT is out of my system, I do have a whole bunch of pictures to share with you... but first, silly me.. I forgot I have 1 more thing to rant about :P

I don't know about you all, but I've been feeling VERY disconnected from the nail blogging community lately and it's really making me sad. There are people I used to talk with almost daily, and now we rarely talk. I know that's partly my fault, and I know a lot of them are just busy, I get that. But Facebook, you suck! Seriously, I subscribe to so many different blogs and each day I see so few posts on Facebook and as of late it seems I'm seeing fewer and fewer posts. So of course, I know it's not just me... I know a lot of you aren't seeing my posts, either, and that really makes me sad. I miss you all. I'm grateful for those of you I do interact with (THANK YOU SAMANTHA!) but I hate that Facebook has left us all so disconnected. It's not just Facebook, either. I do almost all of my blog reading from Bloglovin... so if I'm not following you via Bloglovin I'm probably not seeing many if any of your posts. Recently though, even Bloglovin hasn't been sending me my daily subscription feed email. Obviously, I can always go to Bloglovin and look through all of the blogs that way, but honestly I don't always have time to do so... the emails are just so much more convenient for me.

So I don't really know what to do about it, I guess I'm just wondering if I'm alone in this? Feeling so disconnected from everyone, I mean. I wish I didn't have this brain injury & damage, I would create a social networking place just for us nail bloggers :P (anyone else up to the challenge? :D)

edit: it looks like I'm getting my first Barielle polish. Have you seen their deal? free shipping and you get a free top coat with any order! I picked Elle's Spell because now is definitely the perfect time for a new red flakie :)

OK.. now for some pictures!

I got started with my Christmas decorations this past week, so here's some Christmas decor spam for you! Since we have little extra money, I usually just make decorations from things around the house, and each year I make a few more new decorations.

I don't wear jewelry often, but I thought Thanksgiving was the perfect time to wear some of the bracelets I won from Sabina Supernova.

I was showing off my nail polish to Josh and Amanda, Mike's sister & brotherinlaw, and they were curious about my crackles so I tried out my crackles from Tip Top Nails South Africa again. I also tried out Julep's matte top coat on my pinky. You probably can't really tell how matte it is because the crackles themselves are already so matte to begin with, but I could definitely tell the difference between the Julep and my Seche Vite.

I also got started on my Christmas baking... I started off with Monster cookies! These are basically a mixture of butter, sugars, eggs, oats, peanut butter, corn syrup, M&Ms and chocolate chips. For the most part, mine fell apart on me this time. Some batches are just like that, although the past few times I've made cookies they just haven't turned out right.. I think it's because my oven is goofy.

We finally got a wee bit of snow yesterday.. just a dusting, but it's the most we've had this year and it's more than what we typically get this time of year.

I also tried out the glue method this weekend... but I think I'm going to save that for another post :)

So that pretty much wraps up my week... I have a TON of reviews to share with you within the next few weeks, and of course there will probably be another weekly giveaway. The Christmas polish posts seem to be slowing down in my news feed, but I do have at least 1 or 2 more posts planned to share with you!

Have a good week :)


  1. Doesn't sound like much fun :( Hopefully your week will get better from here.

  2. You should be happy that it's December now and things will get better.. Bloglovin is still down so I am really missing out tons of nail blogs but the good part is, I am moving most of my blogs to follow by Email so its not so bad. FB been cranky too and I tend to just read blog on email and then go to their page to check out what I have missed.

    The BF and CM sale also left me super tired. I was up late checking on colors of different indies maker too and I think I bought way too much polish haha but hey I am happy.

    Hope your monster cookies turn out yummy still, maybe it is time to get a new oven too :p hehehe I am glad to be around chatting to u and spamming you with walls of likes still so hope you won't be turned off by my "like" spams :p

    Have a awesome start to December Melanie and keep that smile on ya always~!!

  3. Oh no! Bloglovin is down for you? It hasn't been down for me, it just.. hasn't been sending me my emails. It finally has been now that I'm all caught up on it of course :P

    Email can be such a pain for reading blogs.. you don't miss anything but then if you follow a lot of blogs, it can be hard to wade through them all!

    Oh, I want to see what you got!! I'll have to keep my eyes open on your Facebook page :D

    THANK YOU for your "spam", I appreciate it sincerely :)

    Have a great December, also!