Thursday, February 6, 2014

Let's try this again... Bombardier's Eyes

I was provided with this item for review.

If you remember, about a month and a half ago, I was provided with what I thought was Dreamy Lacquer Company's Bombardier's Eyes, and I did a full review about it which you can read here. As it turns out, I accidentally received a prototype polish. Today I'll be reviewing the real thing.

For comparison sake, here's the prototype polish, 2 coats.

  Now here's 1 coat of the real thing.

Yes, you can already see a difference at one coat it's much more opaque than the prototype was, even at 2 coats. Now here is what the real thing looks like with 2 coats.

This color is gorgeous and much more what I expected out of Bombardier's Eyes, to be honest! Although.. I have to say it was still a bit too on the sheer side for my liking, but this is quickly fixed with another coat. The color met my expectations perfectly with 3 coats. I had no problem with application or anything. Just simply another beautiful polish.

To finish off this manicure, I applied a third coat of Bombardier's Eyes on the accent nail, and Cover Girl Amethyst Mist on the others. Amethyst Mist does have a slight purple base to it, which gave Bombardier's Eyes a nice silver hue. I think it looked really pretty.

This is just the color I imagined it would be with 3 coats. Perfect.

Thanks once again to Dreamy Lacquer for providing me with this polish to review!

Bombardier's Eyes is available for $8 for a full size bottle at their online store.
You can find Dreamy Lacquer on Facebook, Twitter, and be sure to check out their blog.

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