Sunday, December 22, 2013

Review: Dreamy Lacquer Company Bombardier's Eyes

This post contains a press sample. All other polishes I purchased myself. 

UPDATE: It turns out this is not Bombardier's Eyes. I accidentally received a prototype polish, so you get to see the prototype! I will be receiving an actual bottle of Bombardier's Eyes to review as well :)

Many years ago, my boyfriend bought me my first Stephen King books as a present - the first couple Dark Tower novels. I had never read anything by King, I had no idea if I would even like his books or not. Fast forward to today, and I currently have the majority of his works. It turns out that yes, I do love King's novels. I know there are a lot of hard critics of Stephen King - including my boyfriend, ironically, after King completed his Dark Tower series. If you're one of those people.... skip to the pretty nail polish picture! Or if you somehow got here and don't care about nail polish whatsoever, you have my sympathies :)

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What does Stephen King have to do with nail polish, you ask? Why Dreamy Lacquer Company created Dark Tower inspired collections, of course! That's one of the really cool things about indie companies.. finding so many common interests among the makers themselves! The ladies at Dreamy Lacquer Company were awesome enough to provide me with SIX polishes to review, so I'll be sharing those with you over the next week or so (I do hope to sneak in another Christmas manicure or two as well though!)

First up is Bombardier's Eyes, which was inspired by the second Dark Tower novel, the Drawing of the Three:

"Faded denim blue polish with a light shimmer finish."

 Before I get to the actual review of this polish, along with some swatches. Check out their bottle! I absolutely love the logo, which is actually the reason why I even found their polish in the first place. I just happened to see a picture of their logo on Facebook somewhere and I said "yes, I have to try that polish!" I love the logo. Bonus! They have matching little charms attached to the full size jars as well. I love little touches like these.

When I first tried this polish, I was surprised by how sheer it is. I kind of expected it to be more opaque, just going by the color in the bottle. Now please pardon my ugly nails as I show you how sheer this is.


 This is one coat. Already you can see some of the pretty shimmer this polish has and just a hint of the blue. Fortunately, application of this polish was perfect and it dried very quickly. By the time I was done painting both hands, the first hand was dry. So if you want to go for multiple coats with this one, go for it!

At two coats, it has a nice gentle frosty shimmer... almost pearlescent.

Just by itself, I was reminded a bit of butter London's Knackered, only without the holo glitters and duochrome effect. So with that in mind, I decided to make this manicure a bit more festive. I applied one coat of Knackered to all nails except the accents. On the accent nails I applied one more coat of Bombardier's Eyes. After that, I added a touch of Sinful Colors Faceted to the tips. Below, you can see the sparkles from Knackered on the first two fingers, with the third finger being the accent. There really isn't much color difference between the nails.

I was really happy with opaque this is at three layers. I'm not sure I would consider this a faded denim blue, but I can appreciate what they were going for with this color. The shimmer is really pretty, and it's just a nice soft bluish silver color which would honestly be a great shade for this time of year. I can't help but look at this color and think of my own boyfriend's eyes, although his aren't this grey.. but if the gunslinger were to have steely blue eyes, I think this would be the perfect shade.

My thanks to Dreamy Lacquer Company for providing me with this sample for review.

Bombardier's Eyes is available for $8 for a full size bottle at their online store.
You can find Dreamy Lacquer on Facebook, Twitter, and be sure to check out their blog.

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  1. Omg dark tower polish??? Why am I not in the us, international shipping is a chore lol. X