Monday, December 16, 2013

Snowflake fun with Narmai's franken

I won or was gifted these polishes.

After yesterday's post, I thought I'd give Lynnderella's Snow Angel a second shot. So today, I decided to try it out over the franken polish Narmai of made me :)

(ooops.. Piggieluv has been marked. Sorry Narmai! Now I've made him mine! haha)

So, my franken is a really pretty sky blue made with.. Spectaflair, yay!!! Check out the pretty holo sparklies in this franken :)

This was two coats of my pretty franken. Then I decided to apply Snow Angel to every other nail, and do some stamping on the others. I used 1 coat of Snow Angel. I used Bundle Monster BM-323 for the stamping.

My snowflake stamping didn't turn out quite right but I still think it looks pretty good regardless. Looking at this picture, I remembered the single thing that REALLY bugs me about my bottle of Snow Angel. It's that singular little red glitter you can see at the bottom of my jar. It wouldn't normally bug me so much.. but being an all white polish that little tiny red dot stands out a mile away!! Oh it's just killing my OCD! I may have to see if I can somehow fish out that red glitter.. somehow.

Anyway, enough of my OCD issues... and yes I have OCD yet my manicures come out looking like this and I say good enough :P

I love how Snow Angel looks over blue, I definitely prefer this one over color as opposed to white :P I really love the stamping image even if it didn't turn out perfectly and I am very happy with my Narmai franken polish :)

Thanks to Narmai for this beauty!!

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