Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Kiss Gradation Polishes: Influenster RoseVoxbox Review

I received these products complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

Today I am reviewing the Kiss Gradation Polishes I received in my Rose Voxbox! I was really excited to get these, it made getting the entire Voxbox worth my while. Here's a little bit about the Gradation Polishes before I get to my review:

"Give yourself a trendy gradation manicure in no time with Kiss Gradation Polishes. Quick and easy to apply in three easy steps, you will end up with a mani filled with glitter and shine in no time! Available at Walgreens." Retail price $6.99.

Influenster provided me with the Film Nior set, which as you can see comes with a silver for the base, a dark grey almost black, and a grey base with holo glitters. I do want to mention that one thing I didn't notice right away was that the Step 1 silver base polish also has a touch of holo shimmer to it. Gotta love that!

I found the directions easy to read, and the entire process of applying these polishes was pretty simple. The directions are in English and French on the box, but it comes with a pamphlet which includes the directions in 10 additional languages.

I do take issue with step number 1. As you can see, it says to apply two coats of Step! polish and let it dry. What do you mean, let it dry? Dry to the touch, dry so that if I go do something it won't come off? Seriously, it takes about 24 hours or more for polish to dry completely. Obviously I wasn't waiting that long. Dry to the touch is what I went for, and even then it took longer than usual to dry.

-Step 1 polish, 2 coats -

I also found it a little bit unclear as to whether or not I was supposed to do one nail at a time for the remaining steps, or just one hand at a time. I went with just one hand at a time. The gradient effect turned out to be not as significant as I would have liked, you could definitely get a better gradient the traditional way of doing that manicure. However, I found these polishes over all very easy to work with, and I absolutely love the color combination. I kind of want more of these!

I love this combination so much that I think I may have to try to recreate it with some other polishes one of these days. Anyway, here's some pictures of the final look! I applied 1 coat of Jior Couture's top coat to finish this off.

Thanks again to Influenster for providing me with this product to review!

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