Saturday, January 2, 2016

Simply Earth Penny Royal essential oil review

I received this product in exchange for an honest review. 

  • -Penny Royal Essential Oil - 100% Pure - Non-Toxic - No Additives - Unfiltered and Undiluted with No Fillers.

    -Botanical Name: Mentha Pulegium | Aroma: Similar to peppermint, but is less minty and oddly sweet and herbaceous | Origin: Morocco | Plant Part: Flowers

    -Packaged in the USA in 15ml amber glass bottles, 50% more than standard 10ml bottles. Euro dropper cap included.

    -Simply Earth is a small, eco-friendly, purpose-driven, family company. We donate 13% of the profit from every product purchased to organizations that are rehabilitating trafficking victims because the average age of these beautiful woman is 13 years old.

    -100% satisfied or your money back. We stand behind our products.
This review comes with a warning. Penny Royal can be very dangerous because it is very poisonous. Simply Earth expressed some concerns about this with me and might be taking it off the market because it is so dangerous. If you do chose to use this product please research it and be careful. 

Here are a few uses of Penny Royal. Thanks to for the info sheet. 

I haven't been using this oil as I would regular essential oils because it can be so dangerous. My intention is to mostly use it when I get in one of my manic episodes to see if it helps calm me down. I haven't had one recently however so I can't comment on the effectiveness for that. At this point I'm mostly just been taking a few sniffs of it here and there. It does have a very nice scent which as described smells like peppermint. I can definitely see this being helpful for sinus issues because of that. 

I guess I want to say I'm more hesitant or cautious about using this oil than I normally would be and I'm definitely going to find a safe place for it where I don't have to worry about accidents. I suppose because I am very sensitive to things I've been hesitant to use it on my skin at this point. I have other safer oils which do the same things as Penny Royal. This is nothing against the brand of course. 

I didn't mention this in my bergamot review but I did want to talk about the labels this company uses. In particular because the current labels don't have warning about how dangerous Penny Royal is. 

I like the design of these labels a lot. They're simple and easy to read. They also contain quite a bit of useful information. 

Unfortunately my label is upside down on my bottle. Regardless the label describes the plant part used and place of origin. It also describes the scent and lists the ingredients. I like that additional information. 
This oil is no longer available for purchase.

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