Monday, January 18, 2016

Pisces nail art with Born Pretty Store

I received this item in exchange for an honest review. 

Today I have a really fun manicure for you. I've been planning this manicure since before Christmas but I was just too sick to actually do it until now :( My sister bought me the OPI Color Paints polishes for Christmas so I modified my original plan so I could play with those polishes as well. Then I got some masking stickers from Born Pretty which I felt would work well with this manicure so again my manicure mutated, but at last I finally completed it! :) 

I started by applying two coats of Zoya Dream on every other nail. Dream is a gorgeous blue scattered holo jelly. On the other nails I applied one coat of OPI Silver Canvas and that's where the fun began. I used three Color Paints for this manicure. I used Turquoise Aesthetic, Purple Perspective and Indigo Motif. All nice cool colors so they went well with Dream.

Here's a quick shot before next step and clean up. 

I had gotten some zodiac nail water decals from Born Pretty Store to review and I thought it would be fun to do a manicure in honor of my astrological sign, Pisces. For those not familiar with astrology Pisces is represented by the fishes so of course it is a water sign which is why I went with mostly blues for this manicure. 

I applied some of the decals over my Color Paints nails. Over Dream I did something kind of neat. I used some vinyl masking I bought from Born Pretty Store and Zoya Storm which is a black scattered holo. I wasn't crazy about the results at first until I realized if you look at it from a distance like this

Dream and Storm kind of blur together to  make sort of a night sky effect. Which of course is perfect for this manicure. But if you look up close

you will see it's actually fish scales :) so that's pretty neat. The vinyl masking was easy to work with but I found you really want to keep the polish thin or else it will just bleed everywhere when you take the vinyl off and you won't be left with clear designs. 

I did that a little bit too much on my right hand by accident. 

I think these decals are a lot of fun. There's plenty of decals for each sign so you could do individual sign manicures like I did or you could mix it up and do a few signs together. I really like the inclusion of the constellation designs. It's a very nice touch. These are easy to apply and I did not have any melting when I applied top coat. Also they are nice sizes with a good variety of size so there are decals which will fit most nails. My only complaint about the design is the numbers stop at ten so if you want eleven or twelve as I did you have to cut out pieces of numbers. But that's a very minor flaw. 

These were so much fun to work with and hopefully I'll do something fun with them again sometime. I could do Aquarius for my husband or Gemini for my parents or Aries for my sister. So many options.  Oh also I love that these are white also because they really stand out on my nails against the darker background. If you have a very fine touch you could probably paint some of these different colors as well.  

You can get these nail decals from Born Pretty Store for $1.49 for 1 sheet.

The fish scale vinyls are currently $2.00 for a sheet of 12.

Use coupon code QTX31 and get 10% off. Shipping worldwide is always free, no minimum purchase necessary.

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