Monday, January 18, 2016

Oasis, The Last Humans book 1, ebook

I received this book in exchange for an honest review. 

I may have a few reviews for you today - probably either today or tomorrow. It is subzero temperatures today, so I'm just kind of taking it slow and lazy today so we'll see what else I get done today :P

Today I have the first book in the Last Humans series by Dima Zales for review. If you're familiar with my blog, you already know I'm definitely a fan of Zales's work as I've reviewed the first four Mind Dimensions books.


A new dystopian/post-apocalyptic series from a New York Times bestselling author

My name is Theo, and I'm a resident of Oasis, the last habitable area on Earth. It's meant to be a paradise, a place where we are all content. Vulgarity, violence, insanity, and other ills are but a distant memory, and even death no longer plagues us.
I was once content too, but now I'm different. Now I hear a voice in my head, and she tells me things no imaginary friend should know. Her name is Phoe, and she is my delusion.

Or is she?

I really enjoyed Oasis. It's an easy read and although the ending was mostly predictable, there are plenty of twists and turns throughout the plot to keep me very interested. It only took me a few hours to read this, so it's nice for a day of light reading. The author took some very typical ideas and created some nice spins on old ideas. So in a way, parts of the story were kind of boring to read because I knew what to expect but those moments didn't last long and were far and few. Having majored in Computer Science, I was able to appreciate some of the more technical aspects of the story. I liked how the author developed Phoe's character - and her name was a nice unexpected trick. 
There is quite a bit of swearing in this book - for a purpose - so if that's something which bothers you, keep away. I feel like this would be fine for teenagers to read regardless, because it's no worse than what they see and hear on TV or in music every day. 

I'm looking forward to reading the next book in this series, although I can't begin to guess where it will go from here. I feel like this could have been a single novel on it's own.

This book will be released tomorrow so if you're interested, take advantage of the pre-order price of $2.99 right now! It's also available for paperback with a pre-order price of $12.99. Get Oasis on Amazon.

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