Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Jingle VoxBox review

I received these products in exchange for an honest review. 

The past few weeks I've been busy testing out some of the products I received in my Jingle Voxbox from Influenster. If you're not familiar with Influenster, they're a pretty cool web site which on occasion sends out items to people for review. I've gotten some really good and unfortunately some really bad items from them. My experiences have mostly been good though. I'd have to say this is one of the better boxes I've received recently. The last few have definitely been misses so it's good to get a few good products again. 

Here's everything I received. 

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream
Biscoff Cookies
Ore-Ida Tater Tots
Hallmark itty bittys
NYC City Proof 24 HR Waterproof Eyeliner 
Kiss True Volume Lashes
Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive 
Pure Ice Nail Polish 

Let me start with the moisturizing cream because you all know how I feel about lotions and what not. I've been using this regularly and actually my hands feel rather dry. I've used almost the entire jar. I've found I really like creams because they have the typical glycerin petroleum combination. I know some people don't like petroleum based products but I like the texture. Anyway as I mentioned my hands are rather dry and I don't really see a difference between the Cetaphil cream and similar products so I could take it or leave it. 

Next is the Biscoff cookies. These were actually very good. I like that I can actually read all of the ingredients. They're made in Belgium so I'm hoping that means better quality ingredients. Even though I typically try to avoid soy products I would probably consider buying these as a special treat. 

The cookies went perfectly with my Door County coffee. Can't complain about anything which goes with coffee. 

On the subject of not real food, I was provided with a coupon for a bag of free tator tots. I don't buy these ever. My husband doesn't care for them. Even though I grew up eating these I would rather eat something healthier. Although

I made some sausage and too many tator tots for supper the one night. I wasn't feeling well so I decided simple was best. So it was nice having fast and easy options available. Except it wasn't worth it. We both felt stomach flu sick again the next day and I'm just going to blame these because it's not something we would normally eat. 

The Hallmark itty bitty is next and honestly I don't know what I'll do with it. I have no use for it. I was hoping to get one of the cuter ones to give to my niece but no such luck. 

Next is the NYC eyeliner which I used in the following photo. 

This eyeliner went on with no problem and stayed on even after washing my face numerous times so I guess I can vouche for it being waterproof. I received this eyeliner in Dark Brown. I have a few other brown eyeliners but this one really stands out. I really like the color because it's not quite black but dark enough that it doesn't look too dull like some browns  can. I really like this eyeliner and would consider purchasing it. 

Next is the Kiss eyelashes which I actually haven't tried yet. I've just been too sick to feel like messing with them. Hopefully I will try them out soon. 

Lastly is probably my favorite product from my Voxbox. I'm not exactly new to Pure Ice but I'm not very familiar with them either. I received Home Run which is a color definitely out of my usual spectrum. It's definitely not a color I would have hand picked. 

I applied two coats and it was still rather sheer. This applies pretty streaky. Regardless I love the formula and for that reason alone I love this polish. It hardened quickly and I even used the cold water trick on my nails and it worked for once. This polish dried perfectly and it felt as if I were wearing some expensive top coat when at the time I wasn't wearing one. Best of all I painted my nails almost a week ago and they're just now starting to chip. That's pretty long lasting for my nails. I would love to try other Pure Ice polishes after my experience with Home Run. I definitely recommend this nail polish. 

I did a pretty manicure with this polish but I think I'll save that for another post. 

Thanks to Influenster and all of the brands for providing me with these products for review. 

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