Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Catching up on a few things

I have nothing to disclose. 

My phone was running low on memory so I thought to go through and delete a few pictures. I have a mess of pictures of things which I meant to review at one time or another and just never got around to. I have a migraine today and feel like absolute death so I'm not really doing anything at all. I thought this would be a good time to catch up on some of those long forgotten things. 

We had been wanting to try Kim Chee for a long time and I finally found some at my local grocery store in the produce department. This was fairly expensive so it's not something I would buy every day. I'm probably going to try making it from scratch at some time. We both really liked this and in particular I like the Frieda's brand because it's natural and does not contain any chemicals. It's just good food. 

Revlon ColorSilk permanent hair dye in black. I used this the week before I got married so it was the end of September. 

Nice uniform color. Best thing of all is that my hair does NOT hold color but this has stood up pretty well. I remember in high school I dyed my hair blue and the only thing which held the color was my neck. Most dye fades so quickly it's not even worth dying my hair. Here's a picture I took a few days ago. 

Yes it's faded a lot but it's been almost four months since I dyed it so that's to be expected. I'm trying to get back to my natural golden strawberry blonde color so I haven't dyed it at all in this time. I'll probably dye it some odd color again before too much longer. I did purple last year for awhile and loved it but it only lasted like a week or so. I'm really sensitive to bleach so it doesn't help that I can't bleach my hair. 

We got a lot of wedding presents. Here are a few. 

We have so many knives now. We got this set of Farberware knives from my dad and his wife. I use this set basically every day. It has steak knives which we didn't have and scissors which is nice to have an extra set of scissors for the kitchen. I'm blanking on the name of the knife but this set has one which is really great for chopping up vegetables. It's great to have a paring knife as well. My last one broke. This set came with a tool for sharpening knives which will be really useful in the future. 

They also got us this crockpot which I use all the time. We rent and our oven doesn't work half the time so it is extremely nice to have the option of using this. I wish I would have bought one ages ago. This one is seven quart so you can make so much food with it. The other night I cooked a beef roast. I want to say it was maybe four and a half pounds. I cooked it overnight then the next morning I separated the meat from the fat and liquid. We've been eating on the meat for the past few days. I threw the juices fat and bits of meat in a bag into the freezer to be cooked down at a later time for stew or similar. One of my favorite dishes I made was pizza. 

I think I'm going to end up making another post or two like this one but for now I shall leave you with one of my new favorite things. 

I started drinking coffee at the end of the summer. I've tried a few different creamers but I've become addicted to Roundys brand of hazelnut creamer. I seriously need to take stock in this stuff. I eat almost all whole foods but this is my weakness. There's a bunch of nasty chemicals in it but it is so worth it. I can no longer drink coffee without this. It just does not taste like coffee without it. 

So this has been a few of my new favorite things. Hopefully this year will bring new experiences and lessons. I'll probably be back tomorrow with another post or maybe later today if I decide I can't wait. 

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