Thursday, January 14, 2016

Beauty mail

I bought this. 

I've been sick with stomach flu all week so I was very excited to get not one but two packages today. 

These are my picks from the latest Zoya deal. I had heard they were doing away with the Pixies so it seemed like a good chance to get a few. I bought Nyx, Thea, Carter and Cosmo. 

I also got my Ipsy bag. I'm excited to try the eyeshadow and eyeliner once I'm finally feeling better. The rest of it. Meh. 

It's been two months since I posted in regards to my lack of love for lotion. Of course what did I get today? More lotion. 

I actually have been using lotion on a regular basis since that post and I've kind of grown used to it now. Like it bothers me now when I don't have any on. I've corrupted myself. 

So here's an update. 

They're breeding. I swear it. I did get a few new ones through the Target Beauty Box and Ipsy and Influenster. I've also used up a lot of lotion though it doesn't look like it. I also got rid of one because I just did not like it at all. 

So I've learned a few things. I really hate honey in lotion and of course that's what Ipsy sent me today. I absolutely hated the  smell of the green tea lotion I had as well but used it all and fortunately that's good riddance. So far I really haven't used any I can say I love. Except the Lubriderm but that's a cream. 

I also now have too many different types of creams on my sink. Body lotion. Moisturizer. Hand cream. Foot cream. Not to mention the BB cream and eye serum and cuticle cream and urgh is all of this really necessary? I don't believe so but I have the products so they shall be at least tried. I have at least learned the difference between moisturizer and BB cream. Next to learn about that eye serum. 

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