Friday, September 4, 2015

Galleany Manual Coffee Grinder

I received this item in exchange for an honest review.

I kind of suspect my boyfriend created a monster when he suggested I try drinking coffee to help with my headache. Why? Because as it turns out, coffee is one of the very few things which seems to help. Or at least it helps with my daily tension headache. I say he created a monster because I just stocked up on coffee because my local grocery store was having a really good sale and I got 5 containers worth, regularly priced at $8.99 for $6 each. Yes, I love a good sale. On that note, I recently purchased a bag of Eight O'Clock coffee from Amazon. The very day I got it in the mail, I looked on Amazon to check on the price and I saw it was about $35. WHAT?? I know I didn't pay that much for it because there's no way I would have. No, I didn't. I somehow got it at a discounted price of just under $15 so I won't question it but I'll be happy for those kinds of savings. I have no clue how much this costs in store (I should have looked today, duh.) I tried this coffee for the first time this morning, and I have to say the hazelnut flavor is not what I expected but it was really good. It was also my first time trying Arabica coffee and I'm definitely going to stick with Robusta for my morning wake up but I think this will make a good afternoon / evening coffee.

Anyway, today's blog post is supposed to be about my coffee grinder from Galleany. I do want to mention that I just received this item yesterday so I have only tried it once. The business was in a rush to get our reviews done. Normally I would test out a product much more thoroughly, but in this case the product seems pretty straight forward so I don't have an issue with more limited testing however I did want to be honest and up front with my readers. If I do end up having any problems, I will update this as needed. edit: I was reminded that Amazon does drop people for reviewing things too quickly sometimes so I have deleted my Amazon review just in case and I will not be doing this type of thing again. 1 week minimum for most reviews :)

PORTABLE: Why sacrifice great coffee when you're on the go? The Manual Coffee Mill is compact and light-weight, yet rugged. Slip it into your bag on your next business or camping trip, or even on your way to the office.
EFFICIENT: With its small, space-saving design, this Hand Coffee Mill is both eco-friendly and inexpensive to use - neither batteries nor electricity required! Polished stainless steel means it won't rust and will be easy to clean throughout its long life.
ADJUSTABLE: Each brewing method has an optimal grind. Whether you're using an AeroPress, a Coffee French Press, an Espresso Machine or a drip method, our grinder ensures your beans are perfectly ground every time.
DURABLE: Mechanical mills, plainly put, have too many moving parts! Our manual coffee burr grinder has a conical acrylic enclosure with a ceramic burr. Years from now, it will be grinding coffee beans as reliably as the day it arrived

First of all, this product was made in China which means unfortunately the instructions are a bit confusing and to some extent don't make much sense. Fortunately this grinder is pretty simple to use so I just ignored most of the instructions. The use is straight forward: open the cap, fill with beans, place the cap back on, attach the handle and then start turning to grind until you feel no more beans are left to be ground. Simple, and with my boyfriend's help (he felt I was struggling with grinding, which I wasn't) it only took about a minute to grind enough for my morning coffee. I did readjust the burr grinder setting prior to using it so that I didn't get quite as fine a coffee, and it seemed to be comparable to pre-ground store brands.

This grinder is easy to take apart so I'm confident it will be easy enough to clean as well. The handle comes off which makes it nice for easy storage yet at the same time it's kind of flimsy if you wanted to keep this grinder out for daily use. The handle just slides off so there really isn't anything keeping it attached to the grinder. This seems more practical for camping purposes, which I know they have advertised this for. However, just hope you don't lose the handle! Additionally, the pieces almost seem to come apart a little bit too easy. I have a slight concern about the bottom piece falling off while in use, but so far no problems.

Overall, I do feel this is a good product. It was far easier to use than I expected. It seems sturdy enough for daily use. Also, the collection container does have a little window so you can see your coffee filling up while being grounded so that's a nice feature.

The Galleany Manual Coffee Grinder is available on Amazon for $14.95 and it is available for free shipping on all orders over $35.

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