Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dreams of Beautiful Whisper ebook review

I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

I'm back again today, this time with an ebook review. I have to say, if you read just one fantasy book this year make it Dreams of Beautiful Whisper. If you're a fan of fantasy and stories about elves in particular, you absolutely have to read this book and I am not just saying that. It's so rare you find such a treasure and I'm fortunate today to share with you my review of Tanya Jones's Dreams of Beautiful Whisper.

"He’s infuriatingly sure of himself (not to mention gorgeous). She’s infuriatingly unsure of herself but so extraordinarily analytical and practical that even she might possess the ability to come to terms with her incredible inner and outer beauty. But is she capable of completely embracing who she is, who she’s meant to be and the potential of her destiny, as well as enduring the path to get there?
Slowly ease into the journey of “Beautiful Whisper” (aka Amanae) through the gradual building of a foundation and a reality that seeps into existence through dreams.  Yes, “Dreams of Beautiful Whisper” is a direct reference to “Amanae’s Dreams”. Which then blooms into an exciting coming of age tale, with the twists and turns we love to escape with and enough real life parallel for us to relate to.

When Amanda learns that the gorgeous beauty-boy of her disturbingly life-like dreams is in fact an elven warrior from her past, things get complicated. But shortly after being urgently moved back to the village where she was born, well things just got weird. As the haze of her blocked past lifts, the truth of who she is, what she must endure and how it will change her peaceful human life forever, threaten to be more than she can handle. Even with her practical approach to challenges, the reassurance of her boyfriend Jordan and the encouraging support of an entire elven kingdom, will Amanda have the strength and skill to fulfill her destiny?

Summary Excerpt:
Dreams of Beautiful Whisper is a YA Fantasy, debut novel by Tanya Jones. It is also a less common, Reality Fiction Fantasy Crossover, with all the fun and wonder of elves, magic and romance, combined with the very real challenges that our teens face every day.

Why should readers buy this book?
Dreams of Beautiful Whisper helps teens (and adults) who want to open their minds to multiple perspectives. It’s unique advantage is that it provides the general escapism that many of us desire while also providing an obvious, yet not in your face, look at better role models and problem solving skills."

 Ironically, when I began reading this book at first I absolutely hated the main character, Amanda. So much so that I wanted to just put the book down and not look at it again. Fortunately I kept reading and absolutely fell in love with her story. At first I found the title a bit odd, but after finishing the book and understanding the title I feel it's just perfect. There's just a few things I disliked about this book: aside from the typical spoiled teenager spiel at the beginning which was very necessary, there are a few grammar errors and things like confusion of past and present tense. Additionally, the long list of powers, while somewhat adding to the storyline, was overkill. It was just too long and I found myself just skimming the list, very much like what a regular teenager would most likely do. Those few things aside, I absolutely love Dreams of Beautiful Whisper and more books from Jones simply cannot come soon enough. I found this to be one of those instances where I really wanted to finish reading the book because it was so good yet at the same time I didn't want it to be over. The story was too short for me, as I just did not want to stop reading. I certainly hope Jones has a very long list of books and ideas to continue in her future because she's made me an instant die hard fan with this one book.

Dreams of Beautiful Whisper is available from Amazon in both paperback and ebook format. It is free with Kindle Unlimited or $2.99 for ebook at regular price or $11.99 for paperback. It's also available at other retailers so you can check out the official Web site for more information.


  1. Thank you for the review, I'm glad that overall you enjoyed it so much and I really appreciate the feedback on the portions you didn't like so much!

  2. Great review. I felt very similar to you about this book - I hated Amanda at first but fell in love with her as the book went on! I can't wait for the second book!
    Here's my review of it, if you fancy a read: