Monday, January 13, 2014

Dupe it up!

I have nothing to disclose

One of the new things I want to do with my blog this year is start comparing some of my polishes for dupes. I'll try to make this a weekly thing or near to. I was trying to think of what to call this feature, and the Violent Femmes song "Add It Up" popped in my head... so Dupe It Up, it shall be!

Since Valentine's Day is coming up before too much longer, I decided to start with some of my red polishes. Today, I'll be starting with an ancient polish of mine, L'oreal Sangria, a generic polish, elf Medium Red, Sally Hansen Hard As Nails #58 Red Hot and finally Chrome Girl Love Note.

 Please pardon the mess. I'll do a real manicure in a bit, this is just for fun so I wasn't worried about being messy :P
From left to right: Chrome Girl, Sally Hansen, elf, generic, L'Oreal on the thumb.

Each of this is kind of a medium dark red. Love Note comes out immediately as being different than the others, because like most Chrome Girl polishes I've used before, it's pretty much a 1 coater and it's just a bit darker. The others are all pretty sheer. Red Hot is definitely NOT a dupe because it has a really nice red shimmer to it which I didn't notice at first.  Sangria has just a bit of sparkle to it, not enough to make it a Red Hot dupe, but definitely enough to make it stand out on it's own.

That just leaves my generic polish, and the elf polish. They're pretty darn close in color and application. I did notice some clumping with the elf polish, and it stains pretty bad!

Since I'm testing for dupes, and red is such a pain when it comes to staining, I just did a quick clean up and left some of the staining so you can see how bad some of these are. I was quite happy with the Chrome Girl polish, and very happy that it didn't stain nearly as badly as the last red one I used by them.

So by now you might be asking why I'm bothering with this in the first place. By now I have a ton of polish 400+, and I'm pretty sure there must be some dupes in there some where. I'd like to weed out some of the polishes I don't like, and some possible dupes and maybe have a blog sale eventually just to get rid of some of the extras. We'll see!

Next I'm going to do a manicure with just one of these polishes. I wanted to match this up with one of the polishes I got from my friend Narmai, so I decided Chrome Girl Love Note would work best. This is one coat.

This post kind of makes me not like red on me.. just because it tends to stain so much and I can never clean up well enough to get rid of all of it. Maybe that's why I rarely wear red? :/

So anyway, then here it is topped with my polish from Narmai. This polish seems to be kind of generic so I'm not even sure what to call it.. no information about it whatsoever on the bottle! It's a clear base black glitter which kind of make a textured effect, but it also has a ton of tiny tiny red sparkly glitters in it, which ends up being really pretty.

I used Jior Couture top coat on all of the fingers except the accent, for that I used my Chrome Girl matte top coat. This looked pretty matted, too!

I really like this glitter because it's kind of unique.. it's really quite pretty.

What do you think? Think I have some dupes?

(I'll try to make less of a mess with my next Dupe it up! sorry about that :P)


  1. I definitely think you have some dupes, but in my eyes two polishes are easily alike. It keeps me from buying a bunch more :-p

    1. you're silly! I look at it the opposite way.. I convince myself they're different so I can buy more :P

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