Monday, February 18, 2013

Julep Polish Remover Wipes

After a few days of wearing my Parasect inspired nails, I decided to liven them up a little bit with some glitter. I couldn't resist the chance to use one of my glitters with hearts in it, so I went with Kleancolor's Peaceful Heart.

I've been slowing working my way through some of my samples, so I decided to give one of my Julep nail polish remover wipes a try. As you can see in this next picture, it worked really great for the first nail! It even removed the glitter without too many issues. These wipes are made with acetone, so it's no wonder.

By the next few fingers, however, the wipe had just dried up too quickly and I really wasn't able to use it any more.

I'll definitely have to try these out again some time when I'm not wearing a bunch of glitter, just to see how these do with just plain nail polish. What do you think of wipes? Have you tried any and found any that work well?


  1. I had to remove my polish for the appendectomy and they gave me these "hospital grade" wipes that felt like water. It was ridiculous! Pure acetone and picking off chips is the life for me =P

    1. sorry but I'm laughing at you :D I hear ya, pure acetone can't be replaced.. although I'm not using it as much now that I'm doing this method:
      it seriously works the best even with just regular polish remover.

  2. I never have any good results with wipes :(