Monday, February 4, 2013

A few updates

Saturday I got a couple of packages in the mail. First, Seche Restore which I got for free using an Amazon gift card. I also received my prize from Kitten Reviews Makeup's giveaway: Bath and Body works lotion and shower gel.

Fortunately I won these items because haha my boyfriend quit his job today :( So... obviously I'm now on a No Buy until further notice which sucks because I had some special things planned for my birthday. But oh well. Doesn't matter so much right now. So yeah.. I will * try* to keep things running as smoothly as possible as I can around here but I'm not making any promises right now.

Well, my other small bit of news for today is an update on my salt nails:

Sorry it's a crummy photo, but see those white specks? The layers are starting to wear off on my nails in some spots so the salt is starting to wear through. Still, not bad for a manicure I did... 4 days ago I believe. It actually lasted longer than I thought it would so not terrible.  I definitely love this technique and it would certainly be a good manicure for something fun you only wanted to wear for a few days.

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