Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Makeup and nail polish organization

I mentioned recently how I went through and tossed all of my makeup which had expired. I normally keep it all in a shoebox size Sterilite container. I had it organized by keeping like items in a different cosmetic bag which thanks to Ipsy was pretty easy to do.

The problem with this is it was always put away out of sight. I'm the kind of person who needs stuff in sight and organized otherwise I just won't think to use it. Thus the reason I had huge piles of expired cosmetics. 

For my birthday I decided to get myself a makeup storage container. This is the one I went with. It's $15.99 on Amazon. I think I'm going to get another one at some point to keep some of my nail stuff in as well.

It has two large drawers which at the moment I'm using to store all of my beauty samples. It also has two smaller drawers. The one on the left I'm using to keep random cosmetics which don't fit in the top piece. The right drawer I'm keeping any products which I still have to review for Ipsy or just any other product review beauty items. This way I know to use those first. 

The top part comes off of the base so you could keep them in different places which I suppose is nice. It has little areas where you can store multiple lipsticks or eyeliners and so on. I have my stuff organized in order of application because I'm silly like that. So I have my primer and luminizer then blush then mascara then lip color then eyeliner. You can store lots of eyeliners in this which is nice because I like using different colors all the time. The back compartment is bigger so I keep a few eye shadows there. Of course there's room for my different brushes and cotton swabs and what not. 

I've definitely been doing my makeup more often since I bought this so its just kind of part of my routine now. I know I'm silly. 

I also got myself a little nail polish shelf which I plan to use to keep my newer polishes so I try those out first. It's a bit bent up looking but it serves it's purpose. It's just nice to have a few of my polishes out on display. This shelf is $18.99 on Amazon.

Hopefully with these out too I will do my nails more often. 

I got my new Ipsy bag today and while talking to my sister in law about it I got the idea to use my old bags to keep my nail art supplies in. It works pretty well and I always have too many bags so now I just have to wait to get more bags to keep the remaining oddball items in. 

Here's my bag. 

I'm pretty happy with the lip color so far. I do wish they would stop sending me eyeliners and brushes. At least they sent me a blush brush with the blush and contouring set. But I also don't need any more blush. I'm definitely going to have to practice contouring as it seem tricky. I'm excited to try the facial mask soon. Always love masks. 

Lastly in an effort to keep tabs on everything I'm now writing down anytime I open makeup along with the expiration date so I know what to use up first. I'm also making note of any Ipsy items I need to review. Got to earn those points. 

How do you keep your makeup or polish? Any suggestions for making certain you use all of your nail art supplies? Let me know in the comments. 

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