Monday, December 14, 2015

Color change nail polish from Born Pretty Store

I received these items in exchange for an honest review. 

My Born Pretty Store giveaway ended today and I just happen to have a few of the winning items up for review today. These are my own items not the winners of course. Haha. 

I started this manicure by applying base coat and BPS latex peel off liquid tape. 

This liquid tape is pretty good stuff. You just paint it on your fingers to mask off your nails. Then you don't have to worry so much about cleanup. This worked really well for me. I did have trouble removing it from my cuticles but I found it came off pretty easily in the shower. My manicure still didn't come out picture perfect but at least I don't have polish residue staining my fingers like I usually do. Much nicer looking. I definitely recommend this product. 

Next I applied two coats of my BPS color change nail polish. I probably could have just used one coat as this applies really nicely but there were a few thin spots so I did a second coat just to make it more even. This polish is a pretty peachy orange when cold and turns yellow when warm. 

Pardon my blue bandaid. I cut my thumb really bad the other morning. Owie. Important lesson there: don't use a bread knife when you're just waking up :P

Next I applied some of my Christmas glitters and I decided to seal them on with a matte top coat. 

I found these glitters to be just too big for my nails. The snowflakes and stockings in particular snagged on everything. After just a few minutes of wearing them I found the snowflakes snagged on things and started breaking off. The smaller shapes aren't so bad and I don't mind them so much. But I woke up this morning missing one of the stocking glitters so now I have a big hole in my manicure I'll have to fix. 

Back to the polish. I ran my nails under water because I figured I would have to in order to see them change color. Not so. I was sitting around after supper watching some YouTube videos with my husband and I noticed my nails had changed color. So I snagged a fast shot. Sorry about the poor lighting. 

I am really impressed with this nail polish and now I kind of want all of the other colors. It applies smoothly with near full opacity with one coat. It dries pretty quickly. Best of all it changes color so easily. I keep looking at my nails throughout the day because it's just so neat. Sometimes they will be a gradient of color or all one color. Sometimes just one nail will be orange while the others will be yellow. So much fun. I think I'll even use this to paint my toenails just so I can enjoy this polish longer. 

I will have more reviews for BPS in the next few weeks so please check back soon and thanks for reading.

The thermal nail polish is available for $3.80 and comes in 5 colors in 6 mL bottles.

The peel off liquid tape is $2.99 for a 15mL bottle.

The glitters are $1.99 for 120 pc count.

Use coupon code QTX31 and get 10% off. Shipping worldwide is always free, no minimum purchase necessary.

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