Thursday, August 27, 2015

My first indie polish

I have nothing to disclose.

Today is a good reminder of why I stopped doing nail art. I spend hours on my nails just to have them ruined by cleanup or because I'm me ruined five minutes after I've finished them because the polish hasn't dried. I'm never going to be the person with perfect looking nails so I don't know why I keep trying. Anyways...

I've seen many other bloggers jump on the bandwagon this week of supporting indie polish by posting their first indie polish. I wasn't sure what mine was so I had to go back through my old posts to find out and it turns out mine was a polish by Custom Nail Art called Blue Diamonds. As far as I know, Custom Nail Art no longer makes polish.

I decided to do something different for this manicure and unfortunately it didn't turn out as I had hoped :(

I started with one coat of Trust Fund Beauty Elegantly Wasted with one coat of  Blue Diamonds on the accent. I followed this with one coat of Blue Diamonds over Elegantly Wasted. EW came out pretty well with just one coat though I probably could have done two. BD is a very thick jelly base and I think I may actually get some thinner to thin it out a bit because it is a bit difficult to work with. For some reason it lifted EW in a few spots as well but I'm not really sure why. 

Moving on I decided to use my Shany black nail art polish to draw in some diamonds. I used LA Colors Circuits to color in the black. Here's the end result and all I can say is I tried :P

This one feels like a fail to me so unfortunately I kind of just want to clean off my nails and start over again another day :(

What do you think?

Update: my right hand turned out awful as in I was swearing off all nail polish awful so I decided to clean it off and do a quick redo. Pardon the mess as the black polish stained my hand.  I applied one coat of Wingin It Lacquer Little Black Dress and then sponged on Elegantly Wasted. 

Now my nails are happy and yes I feel better because I have two separate manicures on my hands. At least they're similar colors?

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