Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Let the watermarking begin!

I've held off on watermarking most of my pictures for so long because we have Linux.. which means I can't use my beloved Photoshop and I'm stuck with using Gimp which I've found isn't very user friendly. Unfortunately, I've found quite a few pictures of mine have been used elsewhere.. some with credit, some without. I'm not going to call out anyone but I do want to mention that I will now be watermarking all of my pictures. That translates into more time spent editing pictures, which means less time to work on my actual blog, among other things. I'm not very happy about this! I'm especially not happy that some people were taking my Voxbox pictures and adding them to their own boards. Yes, with credit.. but isn't the entire point of getting the Voxbox to use your own pictures?? Maybe I'm just being over sensitive about this. But all of my photos will now be watermarked.

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