Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sinful Colors Black Magic

I have nothing to disclose; I bought this item.

 I went to Walgreens a couple of days ago to see if they had any of the Fantasy Makers polishes. No such luck, but I did pick up 2 Sinful Colors polishes because they were on sale for 99 cents a piece. I grabbed the last bottle of Black Magic, one of the SC colors for fall this year.

I'm so glad I grabbed this color because it's gorgeous and I have nothing else like it. I used three coats here. The polish is sort of a gunmetal grey, with orange glitters mixed in.  I just have a few problems with this polish: as you can see, it didn't really want to be removed from my fingers so cleanup was a problem. Also, on my middle finger, you can see that it was starting to wear already just in the time it took me to paint my nails, attempt clean up, and grab my camera. Not good! This was without top coat so hopefully it will last at least a bit longer with top coat.

I'm not sure why they called this one Black Magic of all things, since black it most certainly is not. Whatever, the color is amazing. Here you can see it's a bit lighter color with less light.

I do want to mention that the texture of this one surprised me, because well, there is some definite texture to this polish. This one is definitely going to be a Halloween time favorite, for certain. I'm so happy I found this one. Next time I think I'll try layering it to see how it works.

So despite the few problems I have with this polish, for 99 cents, this is definitely a winner in my mind.

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  1. You really can't argue for 99c that is such a good deal, what a nice polish