Saturday, October 26, 2013

Sally Hansen Lava and more Halloween nail art

I have nothing to disclose. I won and/or purchased these items.

 Today I have a gorgeous Sally Hansen polish to share with you. I'm a big SH fan, but I have got to get some more of the Lustre Shine polishes. I think you'll see why when you see my swatches. Lava, from what I understood, was a limited edition Lustre Shine polish released last year although I've still seen it in stores in my area. In fact, the Lustre Shine polishes are on sale at Walgreens this week for $5 each... or at least they were at my store! Darn I wish I had the money to get more of these beauties right now. Oh well.. moving on.

Look how pretty Lava is in the dark even!

I love the duochrome effect with this polish, it's absolutely gorgeous. The only thing I don't like about this polish is that it does look awfully thin and sheer on the tips. So I would definitely use this layered over another polish or underneath one on the tips.

My camera didn't like to capture this one in it's true beauty but I hope you can see just how much this one shifts colors. So pretty.

Since I didn't like my tips, I decided to freehand some pumpkins using some of my Shany nail art polishes.

Shiny pumpkins!

So, not much more time left now until Halloween, and I haven't seemed to even begin to do nail art this year what with being sick for weeks on end and what not. Oh well, guess I'll have a lot more to do next year! :)