Thursday, October 31, 2013

KKCenterHk Review: N.NAIL Cartoon Hello Kitty Kitty KT Halloween Pumpkin Witch Cake [NNAIL-WDSYW046]

I was provided with this product as a press sample.

Happy Halloween! I have a whole punch of posts to share with you still, so I'll try not to bombard you too much.. hehe. First up, I have a Hello Kitty water decal product to share with you, provided to me from KKCenterHK.

Product number NNAIL-WDSYW046

I was never really that big a fan of Hello Kitty myself, but having a niece who loves HK will certainly change things! If you're not very familiar with water decals, they're pretty simple to use. You paint your nails as usual, let them dry a little bit. Then you simply cut out whichever decal you want to use, let it soak in water for a few seconds, then gently lift the decal off the paper. Then all you have to do is carefully place the decal on your nail and apply top coat. Pretty simple. 

These were very easy to use. No problems, except very minor wrinkling.  This particular set of decals is very appropriate for Halloween. the only thing that doesn't really seem to fit in is the Hello Kitty ballerina. Not quite Halloweenish, although I suppose for Hello Kitty, it is. So that's a little minor note.

To start off this manicure, I applied Kleancolor Neon Green, which I found oddly to be a jelly polish. It's very sheer, but applied without any major issues. I love this color!

Then I just applied the decals. On my left hand, I used Kleancolor Chunky Copper just to give my nails some more glitz. However, I forgot that the base is a bit orange tinted. So to give you a better view of the decals, and to see how these did with top coat, I only used Jior Couture's top coat. Some top coats can really mess up your decals as I learned last year. I had absolutely no problems with this.

Added bonus, because I used a neon polish, these really glowed under black light! Great for a Halloween look :)

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Thanks again to KKCenterHK for sending this product to me to review.

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