Sunday, September 15, 2013

Review: Northern Star Halloween Collection Part 2

Press sample

Yesterday I showed you two of my least favorites from the Northern Star Polish Halloween Collection. Today I'll be showing you my two favorites!

Phantasmagoric is a "teal jelly with red-violet-blue color shifting glitter."

When I first saw Phatasmagoric, I thought it was kind of the odd ball out of this collection. The color really isn't what I would have in mind for Halloween, although I can see where Kristen was going with this polish. It does have an eerie kind of color to it which reminds me of ghosts. I feel this color would be a bit more Halloweenish if it had more of a yellowish hue to it.

Phantasmagoric is very sheer, even with 3 coats as seen here.

That being said... I think Phantasmagoric is my very favorite in this collection. The shimmer is absolutely gorgeous. I do love the color, despite it reminding me of ocean tides instead of ghosts and ghouls. I'm saving some of my color combinations for my last post, but I'll tell  you now that this polish has so much potential.. I almost wish I had a second bottle. I absolutely love it. My only suggestion for improving this polish would be to add some glow in the dark pigment to it. I think it would be absolutely fantastic as a glow in the dark topper.

Here's a shot of Phatasmagoric in the shade. You can see a hint of the color shifting here!

Bella Morte is "a blood red jelly with black flakies and matte red glitters."

I love this polish, and I love the effect... I cannot look at this color without thinking of blood cells, so for Halloween this polish is absolutely perfect.

 It is a jelly so it's pretty sheer. I used 3 coats. Being a jelly, once again this would make some beautiful layering effects when used with other polishes. My friend Narmai was crazy enough to use 5 coats of this to get it to full opacity (I'm not that patient, though she told me it didn't take long to dry.) and she also did a gorgeous layer effect with a holo polish.

You'll be seeing more of these two polishes in another post, but that's it for today. Please check back tomorrow when I will review the last polish, along with my final thoughts on this collection :)

Northern Star Polish is available in 2 sizes: small at 9mL/.3 ounces for $5.50 and full size at 15mL/.5 ounces for $8.50. Northern Star Polish is Big 4 free, cruelty free, vegan friendly and handcrafted in the USA.

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My thanks to Kristen for providing me with these product samples.

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