Saturday, September 14, 2013

Review: Northern Star Halloween Collection Part 1

Press sample

Over the next few days, I will be reviewing Northern Star's newest collection, which is set to be released tomorrow at noon central! First, check out the packaging.

Everything was safely packaged in bubblewrap and Kristin has some nice new boxes for her polishes. What I like about how she shipped these is she wrapped the entire works up, and then wrapped a skull bracelet around the whole thing. It's the nice little touches like this which I appreciate :)

 You know, I'm always torn on what I think of packaging. It seems like a waste to me, but then the packrat in me wants to hoard it and never toss it. For individual bottles I don't really feel like packaging is needed. I would like to suggest perhaps if cost effective, large boxes for full collections might be a worthy alternative. I do like and greatly appreciate that each of these are labelled with the names of the polishes on the TOP of the box. That will make life so much easier when storing my polishes.

Moving on, here's a sneak peak at the entire collection I will be reviewing. As you can see form the picture, I've already used quite a bit of polish because I've had so much fun playing with all of these.

I'm going to start with what is probably my least favorite of this collection. Not that I don't like this polish, I just love some of the others a lot more!

Twisted Treat is described as "black with orange shimmer." Black with orange... yeah, that means it looks brown and if you've read this blog enough, you'll know how I feel about brown polish. Despite that, Twisted Treat does have a gorgeous shimmer which I do love.

(one more reason I don't like browns - so difficult to clean up. sorry about that!)

This was two coats. No problem with application, nor with dry time. I will definitely wear this as an undie in the future.

Macabre Delight is described as "blue jelly with neon green, and various shades of purple."

I like this one, but it's not a favorite. The combination of the glitters is very different from anything else I own. Being a jelly, it is very sheer which will make for some great layering effects. My favorite thing about this polish is the tiny red glitters, which adds to a nice sparkle effect.

This is 2 layers of Macabre Delight, with 3 layers on the accent.

You'll be seeing more of these two polishes in another post, but that's it for today. Please check back tomorrow when I will review more of this beautiful collection!

Northern Star Polish is available in 2 sizes: small at 9mL/.3 ounces for $5.50 and full size at 15mL/.5 ounces for $8.50. Northern Star Polish is Big 4 free, cruelty free, vegan friendly and handcrafted in the USA.

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My thanks to Kristin for providing me with these product samples.

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