Friday, August 23, 2013

Review: Daphine Polish Mystik Spiral

Press sample

Today I'm going to start off with my Daphine Polish reviews with a pretty glitter by the name of Mystik Spiral. Here's her description of this polish:

"This polish is part of the Daria collection, inspired by the '90s cartoon. Mystik Spiral is the name of Trent Lane's band, an alternative rock/grunge band with hints of heavy metal. According to Daria, the name sounds like a Doors tribute band. They play gigs around the Lawndale area, though nobody knows why they get booked as their songs are not very good.

Blackened purple jelly polish with matte grey, black and red square glitters, and silver holo hairy bars."

As a teenager in the 90s, of course I watched Daria and I can appreciate this collection :) I received a mini of this polish. The very first thing I have to draw your attention to is the extra long brush handle, and yes they're longer with the full size bottles as well.

Below are my swatch wheels.

 From left to right:
1 coat Mystik Spiral over black
1 coat Mystik Spiral over white
3 coats Mystik Spiral
2 coats Mystik Spiral
1 coat Mystik Spiral

Next I tried a few different color combos.

 I think you can see, this polish is a bit tricky. Used over light colors, the holo glitter loses its effect. Over dark colors, the black glitter tends to blend in and of course of red the red glitter gets lost. I did like how this looked over Julep Nora, the first nail on this wheel. (Sorry for the streakiness on the second nail there, I blame myself and not the polish.)

None of my polishes screamed at me to use with this, so instead I did a layered effect.
The first combo is the one I decided to go with: 2 coats of Maybelline Downtown Brown topped with 1 coat of Sally Hansen Sturdy Sapphire, topped with 1 coat of Mystik Spiral. The second nail here is just 1 coat of Downtown Brown, 3rd is I believe no coats of Sturdy Sapphire, must be 2 coats of Downtown Brown and the last one I believe is 1 coat of Sturdy Sapphire.

I had no problems with this formula, and while I do like this polish I do want to emphasis again that it was a bit tricky to find a good color combination to pair it with (you might even blame my limited collection!) I think this would look good over light pinks or bright blues. It would definitely look great over a nice dusty rose or wine, if you have the right shade (I don't, darn it!)

You can find Daphine Polish:
on Facebook
at Etsy
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Mystik Spiral is available on her Etsy shop for a $10 full size 16.5 ml bottle and it is 3 free.

Thank you to Joanne for providing me with this sample.

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