Friday, April 26, 2013

WalMart, you suck! aka belated birthday nail mail post 1

I have nothing to disclose.

Our last trip to WalMart was a nightmare. Despite getting lots of new pretty things, it was not a fun experience.  I'm really sensitive to the stupid new light bulbs they have in a lot of the stores. At worst, it makes me feel like I'm going to have a seizure, at best it just makes me really disoriented and makes my head hurt (worse than normal.) Anyway, that aside, I'm really sensitive to lights in general, and our specific WalMart store just really messes with my head. I only go there a handful of times a year, and that's enough to make me not want to go there again for another 6 months or so. I absolutely hate it.

The thing is, after our last excursion to WalMart, I still had a balance on my gift card. I didn't want to face having to make another trip to the store and have an awful repeat of that day. I HATE paying for shipping if I can avoid it, but I decided to bite the bullet and buy some things online anyway just so I could avoid the store.

I picked up a couple of new pajama sets, since I donated most of my summer pjs last month. I got this set with no problems whatsoever, except I was happy to discover they were a bit large on me and I probably could have gotten a smaller size.

 The second set I should be receiving tomorrow, and I just looked at their site.. these were on sale for $6 when I purchased them and I just now noticed they charged me $12 which is the price they're selling for now! What the hell, WalMart?? I have contacted WalMart about this, so we'll see what they say.. I'm not expecting to get my money back but let's just say I won't be shopping at WalMart any time soon. Here's the other reason why I won't be buying anything from WalMart.

This is how my nail polish arrived.

 See that little piece of packaging paper? That is THE only thing used as packaging! No bubble wrap, nothing! Thank goodness this didn't break. I think I would have been stomping down to the store at that moment and yelling at someone. This shipped FedEx, which I suppose is a little bit better than USPS but regardless I cannot believe I paid.. oh what was it? $7? for shipping and they didn't even bother protecting my purchase AT ALL.

OK. Now that that's sort of out of my system, here's what I got. Sorry for the wonky photo.

I've been eyeballing Hard Candy Shot of Lemon for awhile and for whatever reason, I did not pick it up when we were actually at the store last time so I got it with this purchase. It's a gorgeous yellow with duo gold/green microglitter.

I've been wanting some new makeup to play with, and I've been wanting to get some of Hard Candy's products for.. oh.. well over a decade so I finally got this little set which is basically a sample set. I got the Bad Girl Next Door set which contains 2 kal-eye-descopes (baked eyeshadow), eyeshadow primer, lash tinsel, take me out linter and ginormous lash mascara. The set isn't exactly what I had in mind, but it will still be fun to play with one of these days.

Here's a quick swatch on my nail wheel.. it doesn't really capture the pretty shine or the duo glitter but it is a pretty decent capture of the base color, I think. This is just 1 coat.

I'm expecting more polishes today (30 of them!) so I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a better experience this time.


  1. that is ridiculous!! shameful they sent it like that! I hope the next lot turn up in better shape! happy belated birthday to you xxxx

    1. thank you!! the next batch is from Amazon and I haven't had many problems with them, thank goodness! if I do have any problems you know I'll be posting about it :D

  2. I boycot walmart. I hate that place. There is one near me that I'd go to occassionally to get polishes but the last time I went there, the cashier pocketed some of the Hard Candy polish I bought. When I got home, realized it and contacted them... they just blew me off.

    1. that's awful! what ever happened to the days of "the customer is always right"? long gone I guess.