Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sally Hansen Chromes!

I have nothing to disclose.

Today I have two more of my vintage polishes to show you! I've used these a few times in the past for various manicures but I don't think I've shown you either of these on their own.  So for today, here is two Sally Hansen Chrome polishes, Aquamarine and Royal Purple.

These are two more of the beauties I've held on to since my teenage years. I can't remember exactly when these were released. It's too bad these were discontinued because they are very pretty!

Like the name implies, these are chrome polishes. I decided to do these this week because my sister in law saw my bottles and wanted to know if they really do look like they do in the bottles. They're pretty darn close! Even after all these years, the polishes have held up pretty well. They are a bit thick and lumpy at times. However, I was able to do a manicure with just 1 coat and they dry really quickly. No need for quick dry top coat, seriously! I did top them off with Tip Top Nails Top Coat and then used my OPI quick dry drops just because it is so humid here. Normally though, you could just apply top coat and probably not worry to much about it.

I just have a couple of pictures for today. You'll see more next time with (finally) my next Pokemon manicure!

Looking at the bottles, I just noticed they have the year 2001 on them. So now we know! They're 12 years old. Not my oldest polishes, but definitely not my youngest. Anyway, I also still have the price tag on Aquamarine. I was hoping you'd be able to read it but there was just too much reflection. So I'll read it for you! $3.47! Looking at Amazon, these pretties now go for about $15 including shipping. These would definitely be a great find if you could find them at garage sales, eBay, etc. for cheaper. Still great polishes.

Here's two shots of chromatic effect using 2 light sources.

Now I've never seen them turn that pearl color naturally, but I thought it was neat enough to be worth showing here.

Hope you've enjoyed this post! I'll continue to share my vintage polishes soon :)


  1. I love how you call them 'vintage'. I just call my old polishes OLD haha! I have some from over ten years ago too, I had about 20 polishes back then. I don't remember why, but I stopped painting my nails when I got to high school. Might have had something to do with the bullying. And now I'm almost into my third year of nail art, and my 1 year wblogiversary is coming up too!

    Your vintage polishes are a real treasure ;-) Keep them safe and most of all: have fun with them!

    1. I kind of went through the same thing, only after high school. wasn't really into polish much for a long time and I got rid of a bunch of my oldies *cringes*. I'm definitely keeping the few remaining ones I do have left safe at hand :)