Saturday, April 6, 2013

Remember this?

I've heard second hand, as well as after the fact, about quite a bit of drama in the nail blogging world the past few days. Several different incidents, different individuals involved. I don't know the details nor do I want to know. I don't know what's going on that has every one so edgy and attacking people but I don't think it's cool. I thought now would be a good time to step back and reflect on a promise that I and many other bloggers made several months ago. I know you still have this icon on your blogs. I hope you haven't forgotten why it's there.


  1. Oh goodness kinda making me glad ive been to sickto keep up with the blogiverse past few days. I hope it settles down and thank you for the post.

  2. OMG, in the US blogging world as well? The French one is literally crazy! There was a blogger who made a blog just to make fun of other people's articles... And I was a victim of it. Now, there are a lot of tensions... It got worse on Sunday, with famous bloggers being involved... well, I hope it will get better...

  3. Oops I should have clarified. I haven't seen any of this drama on the actual blogs its all been on Facebook. In my mind though if you're going to promise to not be hateful on your blog then its pretty hypocritical to start it up on your blog facebook page. Just saying... I'm not saying anyone did this or anything just voicing my I'm not awake yet thoughts ;-)