Wednesday, April 24, 2013

KKCenterHK Review NNAIL-DRN638

This item was provided to me as a press sample. All opinions expressed here are my honest thoughts. Yours may differ.

 Today I have another item from KKCenterHK to review for you. For this manicure, I used Sally Hansen Hardener as a basecoat, Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Ruby Diamond, Color Club Beyond and Seche Vite. I'll talk about those polishes later in another post. For now, I just want to share my experience with working with these nail studs.

For this look, I used the KKCenterHK Nail Studs item number NNAIL-DRN638. These are 8X3 mm, they cost $4.73 but you get approximately 50 pieces.

This was my first time using studs, so I'll tell you how I did it. First I applied all of my polishes, and I let them dry for at least a day. I used Kiss Maximum Speed Nail Glue to glue these on. The studs themselves I had absolutely no problems with. I found the easiest way to glue these on was to dot a little bit of glue on my nails, then just simply lay the stud on the glue. Simple!

I was concerned these might be too thick and they would snag on things, especially my hair. I had no problems with that at all.. if anything, the nails without the studs seemed to snag.  The glue itself was a problem because it did eat some of the paint off of the studs, but not too badly and it was barely noticeable after applying top coat. Speaking of the paint, it started to wear off of the studs after about 3 days. So the wear time isn't fantastic, but it isn't terrible either. It's definitely a great way to dress up a simple manicure.

(You can see a little bit of where the glue ate away the paint on my pointer finger in this picture.)
(again, you can see a little bit of the wear on the pointer and thumb)

Once I figured out how to get the nail glue off properly, these came off really easily. I did want to mention that the acetone ate the black paint off the studs and left behind just a plain silver stud. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to reuse these, which is just awesome and since the paint came off I'll have a completely different look next time! I have a few more ideas for these so I'll definitely be using them again.

 (picture taken BEFORE I figured out how to remove the glue. but see? now I have silver studs to play with!)

I definitely love this item and look forward to using it again. Thanks to KKCenterHK for the opportunity to review this item!

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