Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Belated Easter!

I have nothing to disclose. All items were purchased by me or won in giveaways.

So I'm a day late with this post, oh well! I just wanted to share my updated manicure with you as well as talk about a couple of things. So first up, here's my Easter manicure, updated from my Simple Pleasures manicure.

I tried using Bundle Monster plate BM-302 because it has a couple of Easter themed images but it just wasn't working for me. Instead, I ended up using BM-301 and Konad's Special White polish.

I've been thinking a lot about Easter the past week. Some of my fondest memories were looking for Easter eggs out at my grandparent's house. I miss them both but I'm glad to have those memories. As an adult, I helped hide eggs for my 2nd cousins and I miss doing that as well.. it was something little but fun I was able to do when I felt like I couldn't do much. I hope they have fond memories of hunting for eggs as well. I also realized, I never did figure out how my Grandma dyed her eggs in the special way she had. My nails are sort of inverse of her eggs.. they were often white with strands of color marbled in. So very pretty. I can't find any images online which look similar enough, either.. so I just may never know :(

The other thing I wanted to mention was that I made a donation this past week! I've been wanting to get rid of some of my old clothes for about 3 years now, but being awake at night and not having a car, etc. I've been stuck on what to do with them. A couple of weeks ago, I got a notice in the mail that Easter Seals would be in my area. They accept clothing donations, and they have home pick up!  I don't know much about Easter Seals, other than that they help people with disabilities. I'm usually pretty iffy about donating because I know some places are shady, but I haven't heard anything bad about Easter Seals so I figured it might be worth it.

I donated 5 grocery bags + 1 box full of clothes which amounts to maybe 1/3 or 1/4th of my clothes (I have way too many still and will probably be making more donations in the future!) It felt good to know that I'm hopefully helping someone else, but mostly it just felt great to get rid of some of my extra things. I really do hope someone else can appreciate my old things.

I just figured I would mention it since it is Spring, and many people will be doing the traditional Spring cleaning. You can check their Web site to see if home pick up is available in your area :)

Thanks for reading & have a great day everyone!