Monday, April 1, 2013

Goodbye Hello Cotton

In case you haven't heard yet, Hello Cotton also recently announced they will be closing soon.

If you follow me on Hello Cotton, I would love it if you follow me on Bloglovin' instead. You can find all of my social network info at the sidebar on the right if you want other options as well.

How to import your Hello Cotton subscriptions to Bloglovin:
1. clear here and log into your Hello Cotton account
2. then, go back to the headlines page and click where it says download OPML file.
3. log into Bloglovin'
4. click here to go to the Bloglovin import page and then simply click on the OPML/XML button and locate your OPML file on your harddrive to upload it.

Quick and easy!

So, all things considered, I will be removing the GFC and Hello Cotton follow options from my blog tonight.

I also just want to briefly mention that I changed the comments settings on my blog because I'm tired of getting so much spam. It shouldn't effect you at all but if you have any problems feel free to head over to my Facebook page and yell at me ;)

edit: also, if there are any blogs you really love, make positive you're following them through Bloglovin'. Double check. I've already found quite a few which I *should* have been following because I followed them via GFC and for some reason I wasn't following them on Bloglovin despite importing my subscriptions :(

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