Friday, January 18, 2013

Pokemon Challenge: Grass Type

I'm taking part in a Pokemon Nail Challenge and this week we're starting off with Grass pokemon. This challenge is limited to the first 151 Pokemon.

Pokemon is one of my favorite things. I've been playing one of the Pokemon Ranger games for like the past month or so, and actually just beat the main story line just last night. My sister and some of her friends played the card game when they were in high school, and a few years ago she gave me her old cards. I remember very well going to the movie theater with my mom to see Mewtwo Strikes Back - and I was probably the only 19 year old to go to the movies with their mother to see a Pokemon movie. I remember how much we both loved Pikachu, and it was a good time during a dark part of my life. Between my boyfriend and I, we've played almost all of the Pokemon games and those we haven't played - some of the earlier ones such as Gold - his sister has played. She even had one of the original Pikachu pedometers. So for me, Pokemon is much more than a cute cartoon or game, it's something fun that unites me with those around me.. which is a rarity, I can tell you. When I started babysitting my niece, we watched some Pokemon together and I let her play with some of my Pokemon toys.. so that's another link that will always be there with me. It really means a lot!

This week I decided to do sort of a tribute to the first Pokemon game I played, Ruby, by doing a manicure using the most annoying character of the bunch. Oddish.

While I like the Pokemon games, the constant running into the same old Pokemon drives me crazy and I remember how annoying it got running into Oddish after Oddish after Oddish. I thought I was going to scream if I ran into another Oddish. And of course I did :P

For this manicure, I decided to do a Shiny Oddish on the accent nail. If you're not familiar with the Pokemon games, Shiny Pokemon are special Pokemon which are colored differently than their regular counterparts and you only have a very very slim chance of ever encountering these Pokemon. I've only ever encountered maybe 3 in all of the games I played (actually, I encountered several Shiny Tentacools before I knew what they were and of course I set them free!)

Anyway, this is what a normal Oddish looks like.

Here's a screen capture of a Shiny Oddish in Pokemon Sapphire.

Now on to the manicure! For this manicure I started with 2 coats of Sinful Colors Cinderella as a back drop. For the normal Oddish, I used a Simple Pleasures polish as the base, and for the Shiny Oddish I used Wet N Wild Sage in the City as the base. I used Sage in the City and Viva la Diva #112 for the leaves, Kiss Nail Art in Black for the eyes and mouth and OPI Color So Hot It Berns for the eyes.

Unfortunately when I applied my Barielle No Chip Speed Dry top coat, some of the polish bled :(

Because I'm silly, I painted these before doing my Pokeballs so I'll be doing that manicure... oh, probably tonight, so I should have another manicure coming up for you within the next few days :)

This was a lot of fun so I'm looking forward to the rest of this challenge!


  1. Oddish! So cute ^^ you even made a shiny one!!!! :) :) :)

  2. Lolz this looks so cute haha I showed to my boy and they were saying it looks really cute ~!!

  3. I've only ever encountered a shiny Lugia (in SoulSilver)! I know it's not special besides the color but I used my masterball anyways :-p

    1. that sounds pretty special to me! I think Lugia is one of the legendaries I've had issues catching :P