Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Nail Wheels! Part 1

Today I'm finally going to start my series of posts where I show you my nail wheels! I'm so excited! This was so much fun, and because I haven't used all of these polishes yet I got to see that I have some really gorgeous polishes LOL silly me :D

I'm starting us off today with my first wheel, which is almost all top coats and special effect polishes (aka flakies, crackles, etc.) I used a transparent wheel for these because this way I can see the full effect, but also I can hold the wheel over my other wheels or my actual nails to kind of get an idea of what the polish would look like over existing polish.

I put a piece of black construction paper underneath the wheel so you can kind of see these better. The only thing I didn't swatch was my clears of course and 1 glow in the dark polish because it is just too sheer :)

Each of these is 1 coat.

first up are my flakies! also 1 glitter top coat and 1 glow in the dark polish.

Nail Wheel 1 A - F:
A: Cover Girl Amethyst Mist
B: Cover Girl Pink Twinkle
C: Essie Shine of the Times
D: Zoya Opal
E: Daring Digits Ectoplasm
F: Barielle Elle's Spell

Next are my mattes and crackles. The Tip Top crackles really cracked here, while the other brands did not.

Nail Wheel 1 G - M:
G: Julep Hailee (matte)
H: Julep Nora (matte)
I: OPI Black Shatter
J: Sally Hansen Distressed Denim
K: Sally Hansen Cherry Smash
L: Tip Top Smashed?
M: Tip Top Iceburg

Last are a couple of polishes from the Ulta Lust in Lace collection.  I have two pictures of these because they were a bit difficult to capture on camera. These are black based flecks.

Nail Wheel 1 N - Q:
N: Ulta Let Your Garter Down
O: Ulta Underneath It All
P: Ulta Let It Slip
Q: Ulta Of Corset Is!

Please let me know if you would like to see me do a full manicure with any of these. Thanks for reading and I will have lots more to show you soon!


  1. pretty colors... You have some awesome collection there girl <3

    1. thanks :) can't wait to share the rest!