Friday, January 11, 2013

Nail Mail... and a sad goodbye :(

Thursday I received my prize from Veronica at theVEROblog but I decided to wait until today to post my prizes because today I got my 3 free Zoyas in the mail! Just in case you're seeing this for the first time, Zoya currently has a promo for US customers only. Use the code ZOYA2013 at checkout and you can get 3 free nail polishes, you just have to pay $10 for shipping and handling. Offer expires Sunday. New customers, if you click on my link you will automatically get 1 free polish on your next order when adding it to your cart! Unfortunately you can't combine promos, but this still means you have a chance to get 4 polishes at awesome prices :)

Anyway... here are my prizes from Veronica!

The OPI Skyfall minis and this really cute Christmas Candy Cane lip balm and a pair of tweezers in the shape of a lady (my boyfriend approves btw lol.) Thanks again to Veronica so much for these extra gifts... I can always use an extra pair of tweezers and I'm really close to needing a new tube of lip balm so I definitely appreciate these :)

Here are the 3 Zoyas I picked: Pippa, Paz and Freja.

While I'm excited I finally have a nice yellow and a nice orange.. I'm kind of bummed I didn't use this chance to get some of the more unique colors. Oh well, guess there's always next time!

Here are my nail wheels. First up, OPI The World is Not Enough and Live and Let Die; sorry I couldn't get a better picture of these two.

Here is the Spy Who Loved Me, a gorgeous red shimmer.

Here is the last OPI, GoldenEye, which also didn't photograph very nicely. Shown here with Zoya Pippa and Paz.
Last of course is Zoya Freja.
So... you're probably wondering why I included the sad goodbye in the title of this post. I got a text message from my sister this morning letting me know she had to put her sweet little cat, Sox, to sleep. She finally lost her battle to kidney failure. I know from watching two of my cats go through this, kidney failure is a horrible way for anyone to die. Sox was my Godkitten, so I'm feeling pretty sad for her right now.. glad she is no longer suffering but I'm sure my sister and her family will miss their sweet cat.


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