Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Manicure update

I strongly believe that the colors you wear effect your mood and even how you feel. I've known from a very young age that I feel my best when I'm wearing black. That's just how I am. So after reflecting upon why I spent all day yesterday not feeling well, being very depressed and moody: I looked to my nails.

I think this was a gorgeous manicure despite all of the issues I had with Beachcomber, the combination of the two polishes was just perfect. However, Beachcomber is just too bright and absolutely the wrong color for me. Thus my mood.

So today I'm working on an update to it, to let the real me shine through.

 I do apologize for it looking a bit lumpy on some nails. Like I said in my original post, Beachcomber was pretty thick and ended up being lumpy in some spots.

How I got this look:
1. Applied 1 coat of Ulta Let Your Garter Down
2. Using a dotting tool or a nail art brush, I dropped acetone directly onto my nails.
3. Again, using the tools, I swirled Let Your Garter Down on my nail, adding more acetone as needed until I got a pattern I liked and until enough of the under layers were showing through.
4. Cleared with Barielle top coat.

Easy! I'm really happy with how this turned out, and I honestly have been in a better mood ever since I updated my manicure. It's funny how something so little can effect your mood so strongly. Have you noticed this to be true for yourself? What colors effect your mood? I'd love to know!

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